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Are your small business marketing techniques feeling a little stale? Have you been struggling to come up with new ideas to promote your business? Below is a comprehensive list of 20 marketing techniques & tips to make your small business grow. If you wish to set up a Website, Accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards & eChecks, Accept Crypto Currency and Non Cash Payments Online, SecureGlobalPay can help. You can use these tips to help recharge your marketing efforts in 2020.

Take Care of Your Clients

We have all heard that it is easier to keep a client then find a new one. Perhaps the best marketing technique is to remember to always, without exception take care of the customers you have.

Become an Expert

Working to establish yourself as an expert in your industry can be a unique way to market your business. Boosting your credibility with the public can often times help boost sales. As an expert, you can offer your services to a variety of sources including media outlets, event planners and even friends and family. Maybe show your customers on how to Set Up a Website or accept crypto currency and credit cards?

Use Friends and Family

Family and friends can be extremely influential in helping to get the “word out” about your business. Even though we feel this is one of your better tips to make your small business grow, we would recommend that you utilize your connections wisely. Most family and friends won’t appreciate being overexposed to your product. However, you might be surprised at the connections that those close to you may have.

Credit Card

Low Hanging Fruit

Don’t be afraid to network with other businesses to see if there is a place that your services and products might fit within their business model. Oftentimes businesses can be overloaded with work. When you make yourself available to these businesses, then you have the possibility of picking up extra work.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is one of those marketing techniques that tends to have a bad reputation. However, taking 1 hour out of your day to reach out to new potential customers can make a huge difference to your bottom line.


Whether you donate your time or your products, this can really be a great way for your business to build a good reputation within your community. You may also be surprised at all the opportunities that can come from donating. You can also accept eChecks and various crypto currency denominations for donations.


We recommend that you always carry branded promotional items wherever you go. These can also include prepaid debit cards or gift cards. There are so many inexpensive options available for small businesses. We’ve heard from customers who were contacted for services because they had left a sticker at a client’s house 10 years earlier. People love freebies and if you show them how to easily set up a website, accept eChecks to earn additional income, they will love you forever.

Throw a luncheon or BBQ

Get to know the businesses in your surrounding area by throwing a BBQ or luncheon. You can even suggest other vendors help sponsor part of the luncheon. Most people love free food almost as much as they love free stuff.

Email Campaigns

While spam is certainly annoying, most customers don’t mind receiving legitimate emails and offers from companies that they know and love. Reach out with special offers  and events, including how to set up a website once or twice a month or during holidays, they will appreciate this more than you know.

Free Ebook

As an expert in your area of business, offering a few tips and freebies in simple ebook is a great way to promote your business to your customers.


Facebook is a perfect place to reach out to friends and family. Let them know about your business and proudly share updates and information from your page to their page. With Facebook it is really important that you personalize your business by letting people know that there is a face behind the company. Use your page to help promote employee events, business events and educational articles that your friends and family might find interesting.


Twitter is a great resource for reaching out to industry leaders. It is worth it, to spend the time commenting on tweets as well as retweeting some of your favorite tweets to your followers. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people personally with postings they may be interested in. Once you have established a relationship don’t be afraid to promote your products and services.

Linked in

With LinkedIn you can join many different professional groups to meet new people. Spend time looking for groups who share your business interests. Stay active in the group by answering questions and share blog posts or special events.


Youtube is a great place to showcase your products and even your business expertise. While your videos don’t have to be superior in quality, we do recommend that they look professional. At SecureGlobalPay, we have always provided our customers with videos and tutorials on how to accept eChecks, Crypto Currency, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and even how to build a website to accept payments online. This has worked very well for us in the past and we strongly recommend you do the same.

Accepting eChecks

Develop a Customer Referral Program

Another one of our highly recommended tips to make your small business grow is referrals. Don’t be afraid to reward your customers who are eager and willing to refer new customers to you. Offering a pricing discount on products and services can be a great motivator to those who want to share your product with others. Have you customers refer clients and pay them for their referrals as found this works very well. Any Business that refers us customers and wishes to either set up a website, accept eChecks, credit cards, debit cards and crypto currency will receive a referral fee from SecureGlobalPay.

Online Contests

Online contests for free products and services can be a great way to get customers involved with your small business. Popular online contests include photo contests, writing contests, video contests and even entries to receive a free prepaid debit card.

Business Awards

Applying for a business award can help increase the status of your business within the community. Most business awards require that you go through an audit of your business practices before receiving an award. Passing the audit to receive the award further increases the reputation of your business with the community.

Host an Event or Class

Providing educational classes is a great way to meet those who are possibly looking for your services and products. We often host classes to show prospective merchants on how to set up a website, get approved to accept eCheck, credit cards, debit cards and crypto currency. Please contact us for details on our next event.

Generate Positive Reviews

Positive reviews can really help your business grow online. In today’s social media environment, this is also one of the better tips to make your small business grow. Reach out to loyal customers and let them know that you would really appreciate if they took the time to write a positive review of your company. We highly recommend that you don’t coerce or offer free product in exchange for reviews. The reviews need to be genuine and natural.

Guest Post on Different Blogs

When you guest post on a different blog, you can reach an entirely different audience. Look for blogs that share similar interest as your business. Provide content that is well researched and intriguing. Don’t be afraid to ask for a link back to your website.

Getting the Cash to Promote Your Business

All these ideas can really help you to expand your business. However, if you are stuck not promoting your business because you do not have any extra cash on hand, then SecureGlobalPay has a solution for you.
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Tips to Make Your Small Business Grow

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