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How To Get a Bad Credit Merchant Account For Your Business

You know a merchant account is critical to building your business but poor credit history is holding you back. It may be your business’s record or your own personal situation as the owner. Many businesses have poor credit and low FICO scores. You are certainly not alone. Many of the larger merchant account providers are…

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Accepting Cryptocurrency

Accepting money in crypto payments and receiving funds directly to your bank account has become increasingly necessary. With a SecureGlobalPay Merchant Account, did you know that you can now accept Cryptocurrency as a form of payment? As experts in the industry, we can help you set up Cryptocurrency with your payment processing account. Importance of…

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3 Easy Steps to get a CBD Oil Merchant Account

Cannabidiol, or better known as CBD oil, can offer relief to people suffering with long-term conditions, such as seizures and chronic pain. Despite its medical benefits, any business that tries to take on selling CBD oil is up for a challenge. Most of the problems start with confusing laws, individual states and the federal government’s…

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