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Here we list a few of our more important Tips and Tricks for Online Business Success

If you are feeling overwhelmed about moving your small business into the online space, we offer some of our best Tips and Tricks for Online Business Success to help you succeed!

Get Active on Social Media

Most small businesses don’t take the time to learn how social media works and it can be a costly mistake. Social media is a great place to meet other successful small businesses and customers that might be interested in your products. With so many opportunities available on social media, we recommend this as one or our top tips for online success. Perhaps the best reason to venture into social media is that anyone can learn how to use it and it is absolutely free. Spending just half an hour each day managing your social media profiles can lead to positive results and be of of your mot rewarding Tips and Tricks for Online Business Success.

We also recommend that you take the time to discover which social media networks are most popular with your particular audience. We have been surprised a number of times to see one of our customers do really well on Twitter, while another customer makes greater strides on Facebook.  Try out some of the most popular social media networks and see which one gets the best results for your small business.

If you do set up social media profiles for your business by taking our advice from one of our many Tips and Tricks for Online Business Success , make sure you can handle the time commitment. Nothing looks more unprofessional than visiting a social media profile that has not been updated for months at a time.

Don’t be afraid share all of your social media profiles with your customers. Let your Twitter followers know about your Facebook page. Let your Facebook followers know about your YouTube channel. Most customers will be happy to follow you on more than one social media network.

Create Original Content for your Website and Social Media Profiles

One of the major Tips and Tricks for Online Business Success we can offer is to create Fresh, New Content. Google has a voracious appetite for original content and creating it can help raise your online profile. An additional benefit to original content is that it can also help to elevate your social media accounts. Most followers love new and original content.

We are well aware that creating content can be a mind numbing task. In order to stay motivated, we recommend that you take the time to make a list of goals for your online content. Put together ideas on how your content can help you reach your goals. Once you know what you want to write about, then set up a detailed and realistic writing schedule.

We also recommend that you write content to help promote your products and services. While your products and services shouldn’t always be the main focus of your content, it should definitely be acknowledged throughout your content.

Email Campaigns

Consistent communication with your customers is one of the best ways keep your customers engaged and coming back to use your businesses products and services. Email Campaigns seem to be one of the most effective if you do things right. Most customers love to receive emails marketing special events, sales or discounts your business is promoting.

Keep in mind that email communication can be tricky. While customers like to hear from you, being too obnoxious can also lead to your customers losing interest in receiving emails from you. We recommend that you start by reaching out to your customers once or twice a month. From there, you will be able to gauge the response of your audience. If it is positive, try reaching out a little more often. The reaction of your audience will determine what works best for your business.

Utilize Online Videos

Another key one of our Tips and Tricks for Online Business Success is to use Video Content. Utilizing videos can be a way for customers to visualize your product and services. Videos don’t have to be fancy or cost a lot of money. Basic videos shot with your smartphone can provide your customers with a customized feel for your product. You could also use videos to showcase slide presentations, or even upload audio podcasts discussing your product. Really take the time to map out how you want to use video for your online success.

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Google has been pushing mobile friendly websites for the past couple of years. If your website is not mobile friendly it can affect your rankings in the search engines.

Accept Credit Cards Online

Accepting credit cards online can be so critical to your small business success. Chances are very likely that your competitor has already found a way to collect money online. SecureGlobalPay has solutions for businesses who are planning to sell online or businesses planning to move into the online space. No matter the situation, you will need an online credit card processing solution built to fit your business needs.

To begin accepting online credit and debit card payments, you will need an online merchant account. Like any business decision, it’s important that you do your research. The following are a few critical reminders as you investigate your options and select the provider that is right for you.


  1. Understand Your Business – What will your average total purchase price be? What do you expect your monthly volume to be? The answers to these questions will help you determine whether you will be better served by a third party service, or working with a merchant account provider. They also ensure you have an online credit card processing account built to your needs.
  2. Find the Right Provider – Be on the lookout for providers that have a strong history in providing online accounts.
  3. Look Out for Deals That Are Too Good to be True – Online fees differ from traditional merchant accounts, so it’s critical to make sure that the rates and fees you are being quote apply to transactions that are online or “card not present” environment.
  4. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute – Do your research, beginning the process at least a few weeks in advance of when you expect to accept your first online payment, to avoid being rushed and unsure about which online credit card processing service is best for you.

Setting up a quality, secure online merchant account is a critical key to launching and operating a successful online business. In order to avoid unnecessary charges and fees it is extremely important to work with a merchant service provider that understands the correct way to set up an online account, so choose your provider wisely and make sure that they have the experience, resources and service elements you need.


What Can SecureGlobalPay Do for You?

Another key one of our Tips and Tricks for Online Business Success is to contact SecureGlobalPay. We are a credible and financially stable organization that has worked with thousands of merchants. Our payment gateways ensure security and fraud protection, seamless transaction processing and consistent service. With having our own, in house payment gateway and also being one of the largest Authorize.Net re-sellers in the nation, SecureGlobalPay is able to significantly lower our customers’ payment gateway fees, providing immediate savings to their credit card processing costs over the competition. Please call us today with any questions.

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