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Paying via credit and debit cards freed us from the need to continually withdraw money from the bank to pay for goods and services. Computers and the internet freed us from having to show up in person to purchase goods and services. Now we can suddenly purchase almost anything we want from our desk at home, via the internet. Mobile Merchants, accepting mobile credit card transactions are no longer tied into large overheads when renting retail space. They now have the ability to take their business on the road or straight to your home with a mobile merchant account. Mobile merchants are free to accept payments on a phone for credit and debit cards anywhere, and at any time as long as they are set up properly. Contactless Payments, EMV Transactions, Bluetooth Card Readers, Next Day Funding and More! Let the professionals at SecureGlobalPay show you how it’s done!

What is Mobile Credit Card Processing?

Now that mobile devices free us from even having to sit at a desk, we have many more options than ever before. Modern day merchant services and payment gateways enable a secure network for global internet business. We can surf the web, keep in touch with friends and purchase what we want with the touch of a button using credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, American Express or other alternate payment options like PayPal, Skrill, AliPay, WeChatPay & more!

Savvy merchants like to keep pace with the latest innovations in business and communications. They know the benefits of accepting contactless payments, mobile credit card transactions and having multiple payment options is key to their success. Keeping customers happy, means the ability to adapt to their demands. Gone are the days when a traditional merchant account and POS system was enough. Customers increasingly demand the ability to pay for goods and services via mobile devices with their EMV smartcards. Using contactless cards today and running EMV transactions via bluetooth card readers is more popular than ever. Merchants need to meet these demands if they wish to compete in today’s marketplace. Apply for a mobile merchant account today!

Accepting Credit Cards via a Mobile Device

Merchants are reaping the benefits of accepting mobile credit card transactions by adapting their operations to accept credit and debit card payments through smartphones, tablets, bluetooth card readers or other mobile devices. The ability to accept remote contactless payments and EMV transactions seamlessly and securely in this way improves customer satisfaction enormously. It also allows merchants to expand their sales presence far beyond a traditional retail store. Having the ability to accept alternative payments opens up their market share and invites new customers into the mix. Accepting payments from customers they might have never had in the first place, makes merchants happy. 

Mobile Payment Acceptance is the ability to accept payments for your goods and services without being tied into any physical location. The necessary technology needed to do so, is referred to as a virtual point-of-sale payment application. This enables merchants to conveniently process real-time EMV credit card transactions on the road, with or without a card reader. Connect via a smartphone or smart device from any location equipped with either a Wi-Fi, Edge, 3G, 4G or 5G network.

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The Technology Gold Rush

As always in business, consumers are driving the change with contactless payments. With each new leap in computer technology, the expectation that merchants will eventually keep pace, is a given.The internet of things that enabled the modern day business environment is increasingly being re-shaped, day in and day out. The deployment of free mobile connectivity in many locations only increases the pressure on small businesses to keep pace with technology. Business owners are increasingly aware of the need to provide customers with mobile payment options. The technology gold rush is on and you need to hitch a ride! 

Payment solutions providers, technology companies and financial institutions are introducing a myriad of new mobile payment options. Packaged along with these are a variety of offers and rewards programs just to help lure you in. This rush to gain market share and claim mindspace creates a confused landscape. Let us help you navigate through these questions and assist you with only those services that you can truly benefit from. 

Business owners face the difficult question of how to leverage these payment options to grow their business. This must be done without overcomplicating the payments process. The trick is to avoid technological obsolescence or accidentally overcommitting to one payment solution and provider, over another when choosing the best mobile merchant account.

Reasons to Work with a Traditional Merchant Service Provider

Businesses are challenged to keep pace with the boom in options to pay for goods and services via mobile devices. But determining which solutions are a fit for your business takes time and expertise.

SecureGlobalPay is a trusted merchant solutions services provider with well over 20 years of providing exceptional value and services. We specialize in providing the absolute best merchant service options for our customers. We will help you choose the best mobile technology solution that fits with your business needs. 

Our services also include features such as next day funding, chargeback protection, QuickBooks plug- ins, ApplePay, GooglePay and more. Gain peace of mind in knowing you are dealing with professionals who care about your success. Work with a processor that understands the credit card processing industry from top to bottom and everything in between. Give us a call today +800-419-1772 or contact us here.

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