SecureGlobalPay Referral Program

SecureGlobalPay Customer Referral Partner Program

The internet marketplace is continually evolving. With each passing day, new technology and best practices emerge in payment processing that help transform the digital landscape. In the age of digital marketing, a company’s marketing strategy must keep pace with their referral partners and the referral partner demands when it comes to earning extra income. Become a referral partner today by referring National and International merchants for their processing needs!

At SecureGlobalPay, we take pride in offering robust and effective payment solutions to our clients and customer base. Our team is dedicated to keeping up with the latest developments in information technology so you can keep your edge in today’s marketplace.

But while some things change, others stay the same. This is as true in business as in any other field. Cash, credit and payment technologies are continually evolving but some things never go out of style.

In business, values like quality service, trust and reliability are never out of date. That’s what it means to be a good partner. This is SecureGlobalPay’s commitment to you - to treat loyal customers like friends or family. 

We believe we have a great product and provide the absolute best service in the credit card processing industry today! We invite you, the existing customer, to help spread the word. We have a comprehensive customer referral program for both National and International merchants that will help you earn extra income.

We make it worthwhile for long term customers to refer their friends, family and business associates. If you or anyone you know has customers to recommend, we would love to hear from you.

100 Dollar Referral

SecureGlobalPay Referral Program. 

Our program incentivizes our referral partners to refer both National and International merchants to help earn extra income, by offering rewards to loyal customers for their help finding new clients. Cash rewards are just one of the incentives available. 

Our referral program offers both our partners, banks and tech allies, as well as our new or existing customers an opportunity to cash in. Here is how it works.

Merchant Referral Partnerships

At SecureGlobalPay, we partner with a variety of different businesses in different industries. We work with everyone from credit card companies to office supply, to computer hardware professionals, to you name it. We routinely reach out across business and industry to give our customers the best.

We provide a $100 referral fee to any partner business that helps us sign a new client. We welcome referrals from financial institutions, franchises, hosting services or payment processing companies. SecureGlobalPay stands ready to gain new clients and is ready to say thanks. Earn extra income through a merchant referral program by referring both National and International merchants.

SecureGlobalPay Multiple Referrals

Multiple Referring Partner

Whether you own a small business, association or franchise we want to make sure that you can offer your clients, “The Absolute Best Service in the Merchant Processing Industry Today!” As a multiple referring partner, we’ll not only help you evaluate whether SecureGlobalPay is the right solution for your client’s needs, we’ll also work with you day in, day out to support you every step of the way during the sales process.

SecureGlobalPay Reseller

Reseller and Integration assistance with our award-winning Payment Engine and Secure Payment Gateway.

Our Referral Partner program also provides a unique opportunity for ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors) and Front-End SaaS (Software as a Service) Developers. We also offer ongoing residual income opportunities in addition to providing the latest cutting-edge merchant processing solutions. We can assist these companies with incorporating the latest industry processing technologies and security advancements and deploy the most advanced payment processing platform in the industry today!

SecureGlobalPay Partner Benefits

Standard Referral

Our standard referral fee is $100. Would you like to earn some extra income? Do you know someone looking for a merchant account

Give us the opportunity to help them save money on their existing service or help them establish a new service. We offer a referral fee of $100 once they sign up for a merchant account with SecureGlobalPay and start processing.

Multiple - Client Referring Partners

Beneficiaries of the SecureGlobalPay referral program might consider deepening their involvement beyond standard referrals. By becoming a SecureGlobalPay multiple referring partner, you can continue to earn money while adding prestige to your brand.

A business transaction is a process with a discrete beginning, middle and end. Successful businesses recognize what separates a competent business from a memorable one. That is: the extent to which they are available to their clients.

We make it worth your while to recommend us to your other clients. We offer opportunities whether you are involved in payment services or simply know others who could benefit from our services. We will provide you with an additional item in your portfolio to offer clients: US!

Whether you own a small business, association or franchise, we want to work with you. We want to help you offer your clients “The Absolute Best Service in the Merchant Processing Industry Today!” 

At SecureGlobalPay, we will partner with you for a joint presentation of your prospective referral. Allow us to demonstrate how our business can help enhance your offerings to clients. We can help make the case that we are a good fit.

We help multi-referring partners evaluate whether SecureGlobalPay is the right solution for your client’s needs. We will also work with you and support you every step of the way during the sales process. And beyond!

Reseller Assistance with Integration of Payment Engine & Secure Payment Gateway

As a payment processing solutions provider, SecureGlobalPay works with a variety of different businesses in the information technology field. Our expertise in software development, networking and hardware is extensive. We can speak the language of both established and emerging fields in information technology.

If you work in the software, computer or information technology field, our National and International merchant Referral Partner program is for you. We can provide endless opportunities to grow your portfolio. Expand your service offerings and networks to bring a whole new roster of clients to your attention.

Our expertise is scalable. We are equally as comfortable working with either the development or service end of the computer industry. Our Referral Partner program provides unique opportunities for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and front-end Software as a Service (SaaS) Developers. 

Like SecureGlobalPay, your company is in the business of offering solutions. We recognize this as a journey. We recognize that it’s better not to make that journey alone.

Recommend our cutting-edge merchant processing solutions to clients and open an additional revenue stream in the form of residual income

Help us assist companies. Our services incorporate the latest technologies and cutting edge tools to help businesses succeed. We keep pace with new technology. We are deploying the most advanced payment processing platform in the industry today.

Referral Partners Benefits

Companies that avail themselves of the opportunity to become SecureGlobalPay Referral Partners accrue numerous benefits.

SecureGlobalPay Referral Partners enjoy the prestige that comes with being associated alongside one of today’s leading transaction service providers. We offer our customers a wide variety of dynamic products and services designed to enhance and expand their business. These include:

  • Peace-of-mind. Know that your transactions are protected and monitored day and night via the SecureGlobalPay Payment Gateway
  • SecureGlobalPay’s award winning merchant accounts services and support
  • Support for major credit card types, including: MasterCard ®, Visa ®, American Express ®, Diners Club ® , Discover Network , JCB®, China Union Pay and more
  • Confidence that comes from PIN-secured and signature debit transactions
  • Quick Service Restaurant and Quick Service Retail (QSR), point-of-sale solutions
  • Dynamic Mobile and Wireless Payment Processing Solutions
  • Gift cards
  • e-Check ® e-Check Warranty and e-Check Electronic Check Acceptance ® (ECA ®) services
  • Web-based, e-commerce transactions through the SecureGlobalPay Payment Gateway. Ours is one of the most secure and complete online payment solutions available today


Our solutions service engineers are experts at assessing and addressing customer needs. Any customer you refer to us will receive red-carpet treatment.

SecureGlobalPay provides a setup for most customer accounts within 48-72 hours. We support both our partners as well as our merchants through the entire payment process with:

  • A full suite of industry-leading online sales management tools
  • Multilingual customer services, available 24/7
  • A dedicated relationship manager to help successfully launch and manage a new client's payment processing program
  • Gift card programs to help build customer loyalty
  • Some of the highest approval satisfaction rates in the industry


SecureGlobalPay also helps our partners develop customized programs and materials to reflect their brands. Secure your income prospects today with SecureGlobalPay!