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Referral Partner Program

SecureGlobal Referrals

Make $100 per referral!

SecureGlobalPay has developed referral partnerships with nationally recognized financial institutions to significantly enhance our client's services through a merchant referral bank partnership.

Standard Referral

If you know somebody looking for a merchant account and you would like to give us the opportunity to help them save money We offer a referral fee of $100 if they sign up for a merchant account with SecureGlobalPay.*

Multiple Referring Partner

Whether you own a small business, association or franchise we want to make sure that you can offer your clients the best in merchant processing services. As a multiple referring partner, we’ll not only help you evaluate whether SecureGlobalPay is the right solution for your client’s needs, we’ll also work with you as to support you every step of the way during the sales process.

Purchasing cards are an effective business-to-business (B2B) solution

That helps corporations reduce the administrative costs associated with authorizing, tracking, paying and reconciling small purchases, while maintaining control over their company's purchasing process. The SecureGlobalPay Referral Partner Program provides processing capabilities specifically tailored to streamline B2B.

Creation and integration of e-commerce software provides a unique opportunity

For software developers that wish to partner with SecureGlobalPay. Our Referral Partner program offers not only residual income opportunities, but technical platforms to assist these companies in incorporating the latest industry processing and security advancements.

*must be an SGP customer for a minimum of 3 months.