How much are you REALLY paying for Credit Card Processing?

Let us show you your TRUE COST and how it’s impacting your bottom line on your existing rates and fees.

Competitive Pricing


We minimize the extraneous costs involved in accepting credit card payments. Let us show you your TRUE COST and how it’s impacting your bottom line.

Committed Customer Service

SecureGlobalPay and our partners are experienced professionals who know the industry and can tailor your merchant services program to your unique needs.

Innovative Online Reporting Tools

Our online reporting system helps you understand every fee and helps you monitor chargebacks, retrievals, settlements and other important data.

How can SecureGlobalPay help you TODAY?

SecureGlobalPay will help you understand your current pricing structure and provide you with our competitive COST PLUS rates. Here are the steps that we will take to help protect your bottom line.

  • We’ll analyze your two most recent processing statements and format the information so you can understand your actual costs and rates.
  • We’ll provide the best rates based on your current and future business plans.
  • We’ll show you how our rates compare and propose ways to improve your overall cost structure.

Let us help make sure you’re getting the best rate. What do you have to lose? There is no cost or commitment for SecureGlobalPay to analyze your current rates. We can help you fully understand what you are currently paying while giving you what you deserve from your merchant services provider.


Competitive and Honest Pricing

It’s no secret that pricing in the payments industry can be confusing. It’s often characterized by hidden fees as well as “bait and switch” tactics designed to lure merchants into long-term contracts with unfair terms. SecureGlobalPay is changing the industry!

  • We show you the true costs involved in payment processing.
  • We show you what we charge to cover our overhead and profit margins.
  • Our margins are fixed. When the associations adjust their rates, we will not adjust our margins. This is our promise to you.

Thanks to our Cost Plus pricing program, you can say good-bye to hidden fees! Our pricing is completely trans-parent, plus we’ll work with you to analyze your processing costs to help make sure that you’re getting the lowest possible rates. Whether you are a new merchant or have been accepting credit cards for years, a consultation with SecureGlobalPay may be an eye-opening experience.



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