Purchasing Cards

Purchasing Cards

More companies today authorize and control corporate purchases by placing purchasing cards in the hands of their employees and partners.

Increase customer loyalty and achieve preferred supplier status by offering processing capabilities specifically tailored to their corporate needs. Purchasing card acceptance provides value-added service to your customers and partners.

Purchasing cards are an effective business-to-business (B2B) solution

That help corporations reduce the administrative costs associated with authorizing, tracking, paying and reconciling small purchases, while maintaining control over their company’s purchasing process.

Merchants that accept purchasing cards and enjoy preferred vendor status

Attract the thousands of American businesses that process more than $300 billion of business-to-business purchasing transactions. Accepting purchasing cards allows you to capitalize on this growing B2B opportunity and encourage corporate customers to patronize your business.

SecureGlobalPay offers three purchasing card payment solutions that enable suppliers to accept all major purchasing cards from their buyers. Merchant suppliers also benefit fromSecureGlobalPay 24/7 customer support.