Online Tools to Help Your Small Business Grow

Google has dominated as the main search engines for the past several years making it one of the most popular search engines around the world. As Google continues to grow, they are also determined to continue to innovate. They consistently build online tools for business products that can be used to help your small business grow. This belief in innovation has helped Google to create a suite of unique Online Tools that can help you gather information about the online habits of your target audience. Below, we list some of the tools below that we think could benefit your small business.

Google Trends
Keeping up with the latest​ ​trends for your small business can eat up a lot of time and money. However, Google has another one their neat little online tools for business that will help ​you ​ graph some of the most popular trends found within the search engines. If you go to Google Trends and type in your keywords, you can see how that keyword has trended over time in the search engines. You can also view an entire history of the keyword from 2004 to the current date. Furthermore, you will also be able to see how a particular trend did in the news and images over time.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of these Online Tools is that you can also specify trends by regions around the world. This can help you identify which trend is most popular in your zip code to help you find ways to include that trend within your business model.

Think With Google
Google Think is another one of their more popular and powerful Online Tools for business which helps many business owners. It displays marketing research from around the world. You can learn about consumer behavior and how it relates to different industry brands. You can learn more about consumer trends as well as mobile and videos trends. It’s a great way to educate yourself about your target audience.

Google Correlate
The Google Correlate tool allows you to input a keyword and see how the correlate over time. For example, if I were to input watermelon into the Google Correlate tool, I would have the option of choosing ‘benefits of watermelon”. If I were to click on that, I would see that interest in the benefits of watermelon are significantly larger during the summer when most watermelon is consumed.

Google Remote Desktop
Have you ever been at home and needed to grab a file that was on your work computer? With Google Chrome’s Remote Desktop installed, you can quickly and easily access those files from the comfort of your home.

I Wish I Knew
If you are starting a new project, craft or business, then spend some time with Google. Simply type “Things I Wish I Knew When I Started (insert project, craft or business). This search term will bring up thousands of ideas, tips and tricks as well as free advice for those wanting to start something new.

Online Tools include Fun Google Tips

Sometimes the team over at Google will get really creative. Instead of programming the next algorithm updates, they sneak in fun little things to help you keep your mind off work . There are all types of fun Google tips and tricks that you should try out the next time YOU are bored.

Atari Breakout
Do you miss the good old days when games were simple? Well Google has you covered. If you type in “Atari Breakout” in the Google search engine and then click “images” you will get to play a quick game of Atari Breakout. It is simply bricks and a paddle you can use to hit the ball against the bricks.

If you type the word “askew” into the Google search bar, all the results pulled up will be sitting in a slightly “askewed” position on the page.

Package Tracking
If you are waiting for a package to be delivered at your home or place of business, there is a quick way to check exactly where the package is.

Internet on Your Phone
How did we ever exist without the internet and phones at our fingertips. It seems almost everyone has a data plan. However, if you do not have a data plan on your phone, go to the text messaging app on your phone and text GOOGLE. They will start feeding you you some basic search results.

Video to GIF​ ’s
If you love GIF​’ S as much as we do, then you should install the Google Chrome Extension G​IF​it. You can take any video that you watch on YouTube and turn it into a funny GIF.

Google Online Tools Translates to Correct Your Essay
If you are ever crunched for time while writing an essay, then we have a quick tip for you. Once your essay has been written, copy the entire essay into Google Translate. Then listen and catch errors as Google Translate reads through the entire essay.

With all of these neat Online Tools from Google, don’t forget to set up a merchant account for your small business. Whether you’re selling exclusively on the Internet or planning to bring your business into the online space, you will need an online credit card processing solution built to fit your business needs​ .

We only asks a few questions to get started including: What will your average purchase price be? What do you expect your ​average ​ monthly volume to be? These questions will help you determine what type of online credit card processing account can be built to fit your needs.

Be on the lookout for unscrupulous providers offering too good to be true deals and incentives when providing online accounts.

Do your research using Google Online Tools and begin the process at least a few weeks in advance of when you expect to accept your first online payment, to avoid being rushed and unsure about which online credit card processing service is best for you.

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