Batch Credit Card Processing

SecureGlobalPay's batch credit card processing abilities gives you the flexibility to process multiple transactions in a single session. You can also batch process your transactions at any time that works best for your business.

Batch Credit Card Processing

 SecureGlobalPay's Payment Gateway Batch Upload

With regards to Batch Credit Card Processing, our merchants often prefer to upload multiple transactions at the same time. Our SecureGlobalPay Payment Gateway batch upload process allows you to do this so you can save time and resources for other important business needs.

SecureGlobalPay provides a Batch Upload interface for merchants who store their customer details in the most common formats.

The Batch Credit Card Processing feature for the payment gateway supports Batch Upload files in CSV, XLS, or TXT files via SFTP, FTPoS or manual web upload. Our system will process uploaded files in parallel and easily scales with single batch files including hundreds of thousands of transactions, however, it works just as well with a very small amount of records, 10, 100, 1000, etc.

This video goes over the batch upload and how to use it:

Best Practices for Batch Credit Card Processing

You will have to build out the document using the correct headers.  Once you have the file ready log into the merchant's account and go to "Other Services>Batch Upload".  You have an option here between the Auto Detect File Format and to use a selected format.

/// Auto-Detect Format \\\

SecureGlobalPay has implemented an innovative way of 'auto-detecting' a files format. If you would like to utilize our 'auto-detect', first selecting your file after using the Batch Upload link in the merchant control panel.  Once selected, click on Upload Batch.  The system will show you the fields it has detected and will allow you to change and/or assign fields not detected.  For each field, select the system field from the drop-down.  If there is a field that does not map, you can select "Ignore this Field".  Once completed, you can

/// Use-Selected-Format \\\

This tool allows you to set a format that can be used over and over.  You can configure a format under the batch upload menu by going to "Configure Formats".  From there you will be able to a format by dragging and dropping your fields into the "File Format" section.

/// FTPoS Batch Upload information \\\

Furthermore, we support SFTP and FTPoS (FTP over SSL) upload. This is useful for customers who are looking to automate their Batch Upload / Response Download application. Using this system allows full application integration without any human interaction.

Please note: You must enable permissions on a particular gateway username be activated for FTP under Settings > User Accounts > <gateway username> > Access FTP. By default, they will not be able to authenticate until enrolled.Hostname:
Port: 5920
Data Port: 5921 - 5960
Upload Directory: /upload
Response Directory: /response

The upload file name does not matter for the most part, but should not contain commas. When responses are delivered to the /response directory, they are pre-pended with the response- so if transactions.csv was uploaded to /upload, the response would be saved to /response/response-transactions.csv

The host uses Explicit SSL or SSL-TLS. CoreFTP is a known-tested client application that works.

 Useful Tips

- To see the response file for you batch upload you will need to go to "View Batch History".  This can be found near the top of the batch upload menu and you can download a response file for your upload.

- To make the format the default upload format, select configure formats and click on the link 'Make Default' next to your named format.

- If you would like to configure the format rather than have the system detect it, you can go to configure formats and map the fields yourself.

- Batch Upload can work in conjunction with the Customer Vault to keep merchants from having to store sensitive payment information in their applications.

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