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With well over a billion spam emails sent out daily to uninterested customers, you may not have considered how an email marketing campaign strategy could really work for your small business. After all, it may feel nearly impossible to reach your target audience via an email campaign, without paying a lot of money. Help increase conversions by offering payments services to your clients. Offer payment services like eCheck acceptance, Credit and Debit Card acceptance and Crypto-Currency payment acceptance and much more!

If you think about it, how often do you even look at spam email? If you are like every other consumer out there, it probably isn’t often. So why on earth would you consider spending time or money on an email marketing campaign? You may be surprised to find out that email marketing is still popular with many small businesses, because you can still receive a pretty decent return on investment for your effort. For every $1 spent on an email marketing campaign, you may be able to generate about $38 as a return on your investment. (Source:

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The Best Campaign Strategies to Make Sure Your Marketing Email is Read

In order for your email campaign strategies to be successful, we recommend that you spend time carefully crafting your message so that it appeals to your audience. Sign up to receive email campaigns from your competitors. Pick out the words that they use to capture their target audience and consider using it for your audience. Offering payment services like eChecks, Crypto-Currency & Bankcard will help w/ conversions.

Also, spend time making sure that the emails are as personalized as possible. Oftentimes it can help to include the name of the email recipient. It has proven time and again to be a more successful method in capturing your customers interest, rather than sending out a generic email template.

It may also help if you can personalize the subject line of your email. If your “From” email is a name that customers recognize, they will immediately jump to the subject line to confirm whether the email is worth opening. So you can see how important it is to capture their attention right away. If your product can help them with a personal problem, then make sure it is noted in the subject line. Offering your customers payment services like eChecks, Crypto-Currency & Bankcard will help w/ conversions.

Don’t be afraid to “sound” like a personal friend in your email marketing campaign. When you start using ​your, ​or a? company mission, vision and values, you are not talking to the person on the other end. Let your potential customers know that you recognize a problem they may have and discuss how you can best help them solve their problems with your product.

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How Long Should My Email’s Be?

Emails should not be anywhere near the length of this article! Try to convey the email message to your audience briefly and succinctly. Stick to text that is under 200 words. If you absolutely can’t get around using a lot of text, then make sure to break up the text with a lot of images and white space. An email campaign is just an opener into your business.

Also, consider that your emails have a high chance of being opened via someone’s mobile phone, so your email campaign should definitely be mobile friendly. Offering payment services like eChecks, Crypto-Currency & Bankcard will help w/ conversions.

Mistakes to Avoid When Sending out Emails

There are a lot of mistakes that people often make when sending out an email campaign strategy. We highly recommend that you get permission from those you wish to send an email to about your product or services. The easiest way to get marked as spam can happen when you buy a contact lists of emails from users you have never done business with and send emails to those on the list.

Also, make sure that your customers have a way to “unsubscribe” from your list. When you don’t give those on your list the ability to unsubscribe you could land into some serious legal issues. You absolutely must make that an option for your customers. If those on your list hit unsubscribe, make sure that they no longer receive emails from you.

We also recommend that you make sure the subject line pertains to the actual contents of the email. We all know that the internet is well known for creating absolutely outrageous subject lines in articles and social media posts. This is solely to attract clicks to their website. This does not work so well with email. If the subject line is not relevant to the email, you are most likely going to end up in the trash or junk folder.

Do not send marketing email to those that have been on a contact list, without being contacted in over 2 years. The general rule is that a list should be no longer than a year old. If it is older, you may want to run the email through programs that can check to see if the emails are still valid. It can be very surprising to realize how often and how quickly email users change their email address.


Embed Your Product

If you are offering your product or services via email, we encourage you to include the product in your email campaign. Often times you can use an email campaign to share testimonials on a particular product, video about the product or just offer a little information. The email campaign should link directly to your online shopping cart so that customers can make the purchase quickly and conveniently.

How Do I Sell My Product Online?

If you are interested in selling online, you typically need ​a few​ things. A website ​with tangible products to sell usually needs a shopping cart attached to a payment gateway. The payment gateway ​will collect the credit card information on your website and transfer it to your merchant account provider. If you own a retail establishment, ​we offer ​many different innovative solutions​ that ​are​ reliable, secure and designed to help your business succeed.

It doesn’t matter the size of your business. Whether you are a small local retail outlet, a regional franchise organization or a national chain store operation we have a credit card processing solution for you. Offering payment services like eChecks, Crypto-Currency & Bankcard will help w/ conversions. Please call your SecureGlobalPay professional to help you find the right solution to fit your business needs and budget.

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