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Social Media for Business and what you need to know about Accepting Payments

Social media for business is a great tool for small businesses to utilize when reaching out to current customers, as well as potential new customers. As social media users become more savvy online, small business owners have the opportunity to use social media as a tool to sell more products and services while directing more traffic to their brand. Below we list several social media platforms with tips and tricks you can use to make sure that you are utilizing all social media business accounts to their fullest potentials. SecureGlobalPay can show you how to convert your social media for business traffic into paying customers via our secure payment gateway technology and best in class payment services. A solid payment acceptance system is crucial for most businesses, especially those being conducted online. Give your paying customers options with SecureGlobalPay!

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Instagram for business is a social media platform with plenty of visuals to please the eye. Instagram can take ordinary pictures and make them look extraordinary with a few popular filters. This is great news for your products. Your product images will look cleaner and sharper and be more attractive to a much wider customer base of your paying customers. This can help take your online store to the next level where a payment acceptance system is a must.

In order for your product to be seen you will want to make sure that you find the most popular hashtags used on the Instagram website. To find popular hashtags, you simply need to use the Instagram “Search” feature and type in your top keyword. You will instantly get a comprehensive list of popular hashtags associated with your keyword. While we don’t recommend stuffing your posts with keywords, don’t be afraid to you 5 or 6 well placed keywords.

While you can’t set up an eCommerce shopping cart through Instagram there are several other ways to promote sales on this unique platform. Many different companies have created unique “work-arounds” specifically for the Instagram social media platform.


This company helps you sell products via the Instagram comments section. It works by allowing small businesses to post a photo of their product with information about the product including price. An Instagram user would simply type “Sold” in the comments section and Soldsie would access (with permission) the personal data and email address of the individual who made the comment. The Soldsie app will automatically create an invoice which is emailed to the customer. The payment acceptance system is in place for the product and the transaction can take place via a credit card or with Paypal.


Inselly allows a small business owner to take a picture of their product and create their own “shop” on Inselly. Simply type #inselly along with information about the product in the product description. Also include a link to your Inselly store in the bio description. When consumers click on that link, payment acceptance for purchase of the product will be provided in your Instagram feed.


Instaorders is very much like Inselly. You simply need to upload all your product photos to Instagram. Then sign up for the Instaorders app. Instaorders will automatically import your photos into their shopping cart system. You simply need to add your pricing to the Instaorder app. When customers click on your photo to purchase, they will be taken to your Instaorder store where customers can purchase your product.

Social Media for Business


Facebook is a great place to reach out and provide a personal touch to all of your fans. While Facebook has unsuccessfully tried to promote eCommerce marketing on their platform in the past, the audience was just not ready to make purchases on the social media platform. However, that has slowly started to change. Below we list some of the payment acceptance systems and apps that have helped Facebook make the transition towards eCommerce services.


The Shopial app makes it incredibly easy to integrate your online store with your Facebook app. They quickly hook up your online eCommerce platform to your Facebook page. Every time you make an update to the information on your eCommerce website, it will automatically update the pages on your Facebook page. It also provides convenient analytics so that you can monitor the success of your Facebook “store” page.


Beetailer is another great option for connecting your Facebook with your online shopping cart. To use this app you simply need to connect your existing store to Beetailer. This is a great app that makes it extremely easy to connect your Facebook page to your online shopping cart. Once you sign up there is an easy set up process that will help get your store up and running.


Is it possible to sell your product on Twitter in 140 characters or less? Twitter says yes. If you are interested in selling your products on Twitter then you will want to take a look at the “Buy Now” buttons that Twitter offers to small businesses. You simply advertise your product in your twitter timeline and add the “Buy Now” button. Once the buttons have been added, you are ready to start selling on Twitter.

Payment Acceptance

What to Look for in an Online Merchant Service Account?

Whether you’re selling exclusively on the Internet or planning to bring your business ​out of​ the online space ​ and into the physical world​, you will need a card processing solution that can best service the needs of your small business and credit card r debit card paying customers.

To begin accepting online credit and debit card payments, you will need an online merchant account. Like any business decision, it’s important that you do your research.

Setting up a quality, secure online merchant account is a critical key to launching and operating a successful online business. In order to avoid unnecessary charges and fees it is extremely important to work with a merchant service provider who understands the correct way to set up an online account. We recommend that you choose your provider wisely and make sure that they have the experience, resources and service elements you need.

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