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There are so many innovate gadgets being created every day for the small business owner. The best gadgets are designed to help alleviate some of the stress that small business owners deal with daily to keep their business running. While not every gadget is created equally, there are truly some really neat products on the market that can help your business run more efficiently. Below, we list some of our most favorite gadgets.

Wireless Scanner

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the excess amount of paper each day that you will never have the time to look through? If you are like most of us, it seems that most of those “important” papers are kept locked away in a cabinet file. The sad truth is that even in that file, most of the papers end up lost and forgotten. However,  NeatConnect is a wireless scanner that will scan all of your paperwork efficiently in full color. With everything digitized, there is no need to keep mounds of paper on hand. Having everything digitized also means that you can file it away in areas that you are most likely to read when you have a little bit of free time.


If you are like most small businesses, you know that creating video for your business is popular with your consumers. However, it is not always possible to have a cameraman follow you throughout your day. That is where Swivl can help. You simply take your Ipad or your Iphone and attach it to Swivel. Then place the Swivl receptor around your neck or keep it in your hand. Wherever you go, the camera will follow your movements. It does all the work of a cameraman without being intrusive.

WeMo Switch

If you are worried about the energy consumption of your business then we recommend that you purchase the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch.  Once you have installed the switch, then take the time to install the WeMo app on your phone. With that app you will be able to not only track the amount of consumption that is used on a particular switch, you will also be able to turn appliances on and off from your phone. The next time you worry that you left the coffee maker on at work, simply log in from the convenience of your phone and turn off the appliance through the switch.

Logitech Mobile Speaker Phone

Using the speakerphone while handling your smartphone  for important calls is not always easy. However, with the Logitech Mobile Speaker Phone, you now have the option to simply place your phone in the speaker stand and use the Speaker phone to make the call for you. This gadget is great for conference calls when you need multiple individuals to gather round your phone for their valuable input.

Livescribe 3 Smartpen

Have you ever felt frustrated at the amount of time it takes to write things down on paper only to have to transfer it to a digital device. With the Livescribe 3 Smartpen, this is no longer a problem. Using Bluetooth technology the pen records everything you write on paper and transfers those writings to an app on your chosen tablet. This makes it easy and convenient to take notes without having to spend valuable time transcribing them to a digital format.

Bose Soundlink

If you are looking for a really solid set of wireless speakers then we recommend that you consider Bose Soundlink. Not only will it play your favorite bands but you can also make phone calls through the intelligent headband. These speakers are also great when you need to be hands free for your next call.


The digital future just got closer with the Sensehud Display. This unique system attaches to the dashboard of your car and will conveniently display your current speed and/or your incoming phone call info. It will also give you turn by turn instructions through its unique map system. This device hooks up best to your phone and will relay information from your phone to the SenseHud display as you drive.

Contactless Credit Card Reader

Process credit cards faster than ever with a contactless payment reader. The sophisticated technology behind contactless payment terminals and gateways allows your customers to simply “tap” the terminal in order to pay for their purchase. Your customers will love the convenience and speed of this state-of-the-art system, and you’ll love being able to save time and move your lines quickly and efficiently.

Fleet Cards

Even small companies and businesses are reaping the benefits of issuing fleet cards to their employees. Fleet cards are commercial credit cards that target the petroleum industry, allowing your employees to purchase fuel, auto services and supplies. Transaction information is electronically captured through the point-of-sale equipment, summarized and, depending on the issuer, can be available to business owners or fleet managers in a comprehensive report package.

With unique capabilities such as the ability to flag or reject unauthorized purchases, premium fuel purchases, non-fuel purchases and non-company vehicle fueling, fleet cards simplify automobile and truck management for any business and help reduce expenditures.

Wireless Credit Card Processing

Today’s business owner is not always in a fixed storefront location, especially if his or her business is a delivery, limousine or taxi service; a home repair contracting company; or participants in trade shows or fairs. SecureGlobalPay’s wireless merchant account solutions allow you to serve customers in new locations and make it easier to up sell additional services for increased revenue.

If you are in need of any type of credit card processing gadget, then please call SecureGobalPay today!


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