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Nonprofits are often considered small operations struggling to find funds, while the  multinational corporations and companies are using sophisticated marketing strategies to help drive donations from their supporters.  The overall goal is to create demand for their products and services in their own markets.

This demand can help provide generous earning potentials for those working with larger  non-profit businesses who have proven their success to the outside world. Check out the top 10 largest non-profit businesses below and see how these businesses have made a difference in the world.

Mayo Clinic/Foundation

The Mayo Foundation is one of the largest non-profit businesses in America. They are focused solely on medical research. The mission of the Mayo Clinic is to transform the overall care people receive with medicine and provide the best overall health experience to individuals who needs it.

The Mayo Foundation has inspired millions of people worldwide and has contributed to the health and well being of individuals for over a century. Their mission is to give the best care to patients by using an integrated research approach in finding out the cause of their patients health concerns. They also work to educate the public as well as offer the best in clinical services.

The Mayo Foundation is working hard to improve methods in their patient’s care such as treatment, diagnosis, prevention, research and so on. The funds generated by Mayo Foundation are also used to train future scientists and physicians


YMCA is one of the largest and most popular non-profit organizations and have made a large impact throughout the world. They have been directly involved in providing help to various communities for over 160 years. YMCA has built partnerships and networks of over 10,000 communities across and beyond America. The YMCA was built on the mission to strengthen communities by educating residents so that they have the opportunity to learn, grow, and flourish.


Watsi is a non-profit organization based in San Francisco and has been making a difference since 2012. Watsi is the first medical crowdfunding global site to help over one billion individuals that can’t afford medical treatment by accepting non profit contributions and donations via the web. 100% of the funds generated are used to treat individuals with medical problems like broken limbs and complicated surgical procedures. Watsi gives donors updates on the outcome of the patients every month. Watsi has funded the treatments of over 5000 patients and it is the first non-profit businesses to be backed by Graham’s Y Combinator. is a large non-profit organization that was launched in 2013, with the goal of teaching the importance of computer science in the class. This non-profit organization has helped train over 15,000 new teachers and has partnered with more than 100 school districts in the US to add computer science subjects to their curriculum. has taught children how to write code through its Hour of Code game-based platform. Children can create a flappy game of their own as well as write their first computer program with the tools provided.


This non-profit organization that uses an internet based model that is unique to help divide large scale digital projects from big organization like Google, into tasks that are simpler and smaller for individuals to complete. Samasource trains individuals in basic computing skills, such as data entry and they guarantee individuals a fair wages from employers.


Stellar is a non-profit and open source business that was launched in 2014. The Stellar platform is similar to Bitcoin and its aim is to easily move money between friends, family, and organizations. This network uses a consensus mechanism to always keep it in sync, which enables transaction to occur instantaneously. This means you can transfer and convert dollars, pounds and even Bitcoin automatically into another form. Steller aim is to help individuals conveniently and easily access their account as well as decrease bank expenses and increase the profit for their business.


Cloudhead is a non-profit organization that makes a difference in the art and education sector. Cloudhead brings together people and resources through technology and social media. They teach art and design programs to students in at-risk communities. The goal of Cloudhead is to help these students develop a source of income that is sustainable in their home and community. Their current project includes teaching children from various community photography using digital cameras.

The School Fund

The School Fund is a non-profit organization, with the aim of using its website to connect students in developing world with funders. It provides a platform where students profiles can be viewed by funders so that they can select the student they would like to fund. The School Fund also provides sponsors a channel to communicate with the students they are funding through an on online journal.


NPower is a nonprofit that believes in using the power of technology as a social tool. The non-profit organization has two main programs, the Technology Service Corps and the Community Corps. The Technology Service Corps includes technical courses, career development and mentoring for youths and veterans. The Community Corps is a volunteer program that is skill-based, with the aim of connecting high-impact nonprofits and innovative education with technology professionals through the internet.

One Laptop Per Child

This nonprofit organization was created to help educate and empower children by providing a laptop that is rugged, low-cost, and low-power consuming and also by distributing educational material. They provide a laptop that is about the size of a textbook, and lighter than a lunchbox to children in developing countries as well as low-income communities in the US. Their overall goal is to help transform education for children around the world.


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