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SecureGlobalPay Payment Processing for Retail

SecureGlobalPay provides retail payment processing solutions for retailers of all kinds. No matter your area of specialization, size or customer base, we have the correct retail payment solution for you. Whether your business is a traditional brick-and-mortar operation in need of accepting payments for retail or a venture that exists solely on the road, at trade shows or outdoor events, we can help you find an acceptable retail credit card processing payment solution.

At SecureGlobalPay, our expertise at guiding retail businesses is unmatched. We specialize in helping business owners navigate the complexities of retail transactions. We can also help bridge the divide between face-to-face, card-present transactions and online sales. Our innovative retail payment processing solutions are complete, reliable and designed to enable your success. 

SecureGlobalPay has your point-of-sale payment processing solutions covered. Whether your business is a small local retail outlet, a regional franchise or a national chain, we can help. We offer both enterprise level systems as well as basic mobile applications with or without card readers. Our virtual terminal is state of the art and coupled with our various plug-ins and merchant account solutions, you can rest assured that you have the absolute best in class merchant processing available. 

Complete Payment Solutions

Operating in a retail environment requires flexibility. As retail businesses have grown, so have the payment options available to customers. SecureGlobalPay keeps pace with each dramatic new expansion of the retail merchant environment. From time management to bill-paying, to invoicing, to record-keeping, our systems can help streamline your operations.

Our robust and flexible payment solutions support all types of online transactions. SecureGlobalPay’s payment gateways enable purchases utilizing all major credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, etc. But credit cards are just one option for electronic payment.

We also enable transactions using a variety of Debit & Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards. SecureGlobalPay also provides solutions for transactions involving corporate cards, purchasing cards (both level 2 & level 3), as well as gift and loyalty cards. SecureGlobalPay supports emerging electronic payment options such as crypto, electronic check conversion and mobile payment. We keep pace with innovation. As the retail environment evolves, so do our solutions.

At SecureGlobalPay, our rates are highly competitive. Our reporting tools provide swift and comprehensive reporting. Our claim settlement process is fast and efficient.

Terminal Interfaces & Flexible Platforms

SecureGlobalPay can provide solutions to retail businesses that operate with an online component as well as a traditional POS system. We also provide retail merchant services to businesses that operate strictly via the internet. Regardless of your business environment, we offer retail credit and debit card processing solutions of the highest calibre. 

Our payment solutions support all major stand-alone terminals. If your business is a multi-location retail store, our platform options include stand-alone or network terminals. The SecureGlobalPay system is also capable of supporting stand-alone PCs. We provide support for integrated systems like Poynt, NexGo, Ingenico, Verifone, Pax, Clover that require central reconciliation and reporting. 

Our solutions also support a wide variety of connectivity platforms. SecureGlobalPay solutions support VSAT, frame relay, Internet transport and various wireless technologies. 

At SecureGlobalPay, we always place our customer’s needs at the forefront. In the dynamic environment of the internet, change comes quickly and merchants that do not keep pace get left behind. Our enhanced terminal features can accommodate any business model and scale with you as you grow.

Connectivity Options

Business performance and payment processing can be affected by connectivity issues at both the customer and retail end. As with payment solutions, this is an ever-evolving facet of online retail. As ever, SecureGlobalPay stands ready to help.

Our company offers a full spectrum of connectivity options to support your processing needs. Our services include everything from dial-up and wireless to authorization via the Internet and high-speed T1 lines.

Let us help you connect.

Comprehensive Reporting Tools

Collecting, collating and using data to strategically plan your next move can mean the difference between success and failure. SecureGlobalPay can help you make sense of the numbers. 

Our service will provide you with detailed location and corporate activity reporting in daily, weekly or monthly formats. We serve this data directly via secure Web access at your convenience. 

SecureGlobalPay also provides data analysis support. Our system allows you to bridge and download business data directly into your own accounting system. We provide the information you need at your fingertips quickly, securely and accurately.

Service and Support

SecureGlobalPay provides its customers with 24-hour support from our state-of-the-art support center. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours per day to answer your questions. We distinguish ourselves by providing round-the-clock support for  retrieval/chargeback and resolution issues.

At SecureGlobalPay, we offer relationship management services for merchants needing more personalized, ongoing support. 

Our commitment is 100% customer satisfaction. Should your business ever need services or consulting not available on our menu, we invite merchants to contact us at senior management. It is our pleasure to listen to your concerns and do whatever we can to render assistance.

Cloud-Based POS Processing Solutions

SecureGlobalPay offers a variety of POS processing solutions. 

Our payment solution provides software for both iOS & Windows®-based PCs and laptops interacting with our cloud-based gateway. Our system enables merchants to securely process credit, PIN debit, signature capture, checks, gift cards and loyalty transactions. Our updated user interface and enhanced features enable merchants to begin accepting electronic payments quickly and easily.

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