Electronic Invoicing

Electronic Invoicing

Electronic Invoicing enables merchants to Invoice Customers via email. Businesses can now Digitally Invoice clients via email which allows customers to make card payments via credit card & debit card via a embedded secure link. Digital Invoices are generated with itemized, detailed information and automatically which are converted into PDFs that are attached and sent to the customers email address. Once received, your customer can enter in their payment details via our secure payment gateway to complete their transactions.

The Electronic Invoicing and Billing service provides Business Owners a way to Create electronic invoices invoices via a embedded secure link, easily send them to Customers via email, and provide an easy to use and secure way for those customers to pay via Credit Card, Debit Card or Electronic Check.

When a Merchant sends invoices via an embedded secure link, the Customer or Client will receive an email with a easy to read PDF that includes the contents of the invoice, as well as a secure link to pay against the particular invoice. The e-link will direct the customer to our Hosted Secured Payment Page,where they can enter a credit card or bank account to pay their bill.


In order to utilize Invoicing via the Virtual Terminal the merchant will need the following:

  • The email address of the customer.
  • The amount to charge the customer.


How to use Electronic Invoicing

  • Click on Add Invoice under Invoice
  • Enter the presented details as required such as Amount, Product Information, invoice Terms, Customer Billing/Shipping Information, and custom fields.- The minimum fields to enter will be the Amount, and the Email, as the invoice will be sent via email to the Customer.- The Products table can be used to add up products or services and auto-fill the total amount using the Click to set link.
  • Once the Invoice is created, the customer will receive an email with the following:- A PDF outlining the bill. They can save the PDF or print it as they see fit.-  A Link to Pay the amount. Depending on the payment method the Merchant has access to, or has allowed them to pay by, they will enter their payment details and process the payment on their own. When this happens, the Invoice will be marked paid, and the Merchant will be funded as usual after settlement.
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Manage Your Resources Wisely

Streamline the billing process by reducing the time it takes to manage the paperwork and get paid

Real-Time Invoice Creation

Encourage your customers to pay quickly and efficiently with real time invoice creating and delivery.

Accept Full or Partial Payments

Ability to accept multiple, full or partial payments in different forms


No need for merchants to store sensitive data eliminating the most rigorous of PCI compliance issues


Maintain more complete and secure records with our enhanced reporting system

Multiple Currencies

Supports over 90 currencies

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