Level 2 Purchasing Card Processing

A level 2 purchasing card is a type of business credit card that can be issued to employees for use in routine purchasing functions, for travel and entertainment, for fleet-related expenses, or combinations of purposes.

Efficiency in operations is achieved through the willingness of card issuing financial companies to tailor their merchant account invoicing and reporting offerings to easily integrate with your accounting system, IT capability, or other data operations. This can lead to more control and better performance from a broad spectrum of core business functions.

Fraud Prevention

SecureGlobalPays Payment Gateway allows you to process business-to-business or government-to-business transactions.

A Level 2 credit and/or debit card processing account typically means that the account processes larger transaction volumes. To be approved for a Level 2 processing account, you are required to collect extra information before a transaction can be processed. This extra information allows for Visa and Mastercard to let SecureGlobalPay offer you a lower interchange rate. Visa and Mastercard assume that sales for Level 2 processing are likely to be legitimate because of the extra information that is collected. In other words, they feel their risk of chargebacks is significantly lower with these accounts and will reward you for being in a lower risk category.

Processing for Level 2 data requires the same hardware/software components for processing as a regular retail account. You will receive a credit card terminal, or a payment gateway that is configured for Level 2 credit/debit card processing.

Information Needed for Level 2 Credit/Debit Card Processing

When submitting customer information for Level 2 processing for either commercial, corporate, business and government purchasing, you will be required to ask for the following information:

  • Credit Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Billing Address
  • Zip Code
  • Invoice number
  • Customer Code or PO Number (the four digit number that will appear on the cardholders billing statement so they can track purchases made with a Level 2 card.)
  • Sales tax provided separately (If there is no sales tax amount just enter $0. If no amount is entered the merchant will not receive the lower interchange rate.)

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