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Our team of HIGH RISK professionals have many years of experience in the electronic payments industry. We have the ability to get High Risk High Volume & Hard to Approve Merchant Accounts Approved Fast and have helped thousands of “hard to approve” High Risk Merchants with both their domestic and offshore merchant account approvals. Our full suite of electronic payment processing solutions for High Risk Merchant Services ensures we can help virtually any merchant accept credit cards and checks electronically. High Risk Merchants and Fast Approvals are what we specialize in!

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High Risk Payment Processing.

  • Fast approvals in 24 – 48 hours.
  • No set up fees for most merchants.
  • Hard to Approve and High Risk Merchants Approved Fast.
  • High volume HIGH RISK solutions: load balancing gateways and multiple MIDS.
  • HIGH RISK protection & chargeback prevention programs available.
  • Check Processing service featuring quick payments.

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Our Company is built on experience, let our experienced staff help you on your journey.

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High Risk

High Risk Merchant Accounts That Make Sense

SecureGlobalPay is a full service Merchant Provider, offering Merchant Accounts and High Risk Merchant Services for any and all types of businesses. We offer a wide selection of Payment Gateways, POS Solutions, Business Funding, Check Processing solutions, and a full support platform that ensures you're never out of reach from getting the help you require, right when you need it.

When We Say "We're here for you" We Mean it!

Seriously, we have been known to keep camping gear in the office, just to make sure we can answer your support questions quickly. We're not just that dedicated to customer service, but to our full suite of services, which were' constantly improving and adding to every day

Our Application is Painless

You'll just need a few minutes, some basic information, and a few pieces of documentation. We've streamlined our application process down to the minimum required fields, making it an efficient, and painless process for our merchants. When we say it's fast approvals, we mean it. Most of our merchants can complete an entire app in half the time it takes to make a cup of coffee.

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Check Processing

Checks by Web, Checks by Phone, Paper Guarantee, and our new iCheck (instant check processing) solutions are just some of the ways in which we're making it easier for our merchants to process payments and build successful businesses. This isn't the archaic ACH solutions you're used to; our services use the latest in check processing technologies.

Our Premiere iCheck Service

iCheck is a means of electronic check processing that facilitates faster funding on a wider variety of checks. It also has fewer restrictions than ACH and is quickly becoming the solution our merchants turn to for accepting check-based payments. This flexibility, also known as Remote Deposit Capture, is ideal for many sales environments.

Checks can be accepted at the Point of Sale or when the consumer is not present. This is the future of check processing, and we're excited to get you set up with your iCheck account!

Need Fast Approvals and Efficient Check Processing?




Choosing the right Gateway can be daunting. Let us help you through the process by providing options based on your needs. GET STARTED WITH OUR APPLICATION RIGHT AWAY.


Checks by Web, Checks by Phone, Paper Guarantee, and our new iCheck (instant check processing) solutions are just some of the ways in which we're making it easier for our merchants to process payments and build successful businesses.


You probably didn't know how many industries are considered high risk. Even things you use daily, like transportation, or your favorite dietary supplement, fit into this category.


Need funding today? We understand your capital needs better than anyone. Our Business Funding services are used by many of our merchants to kickstart, or help sustain, their businesses.


Want to get up and running in no time? We can get you set up quickly, get you started with a Payment Gateway, and help you identify additional services, like Chargeback Protection, so you can cater your merchant account to your needs.

Applying is FAST And EASY!

No matter your device, platform, product or service, applying is a painlessly quick experience and can be finished in minutes with fast approvals. So what are you waiting for? Stop delaying and start selling today!
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