CBD Merchant Accounts

DOMESTIC USA based Credit Card Processing for Cannabis Oil Companies

CBD Merchant Account Approvals

CBD merchant accounts are typically classified as high risk. That makes it extremely difficult for typical merchant account providers to set up your CBD business. This includes companies that sell CBD edibles, hemp and cannabis oil, or other  unique items in the marijuana industry. SecureGlobalPay is an industry leader in merchant account services with an emphasis on high risk businesses. SGP will work with you on opening a CBD high risk merchant account.

You Can Get A CBD Oil Merchant Account

Our clients in the CBD business come to us frustrated about their experience with other merchant account providers. They are typically turned away immediately. Signing up for a high risk CBD merchant account is best done with a qualified provider who has years of experience working with high risk businesses. SGP has helped hundreds of businesses get the merchant account they need so that your customers can easily purchase your product. We believe that CBD and hemp based businesses are no different than other businesses who need a merchant account. With a merchant account, previously only available to traditional, low risk businesses, your CBD business can get the credit card processing options you really need.


Products We Support

CBD Supplements and Vitamins

CBD shares a lot of similarities with popular daily supplements and are a popular ingredient in supplements and vitamins.

CBD Tinctures & Cannabidiol Oil

Tinctures and oils are available to administer CBD in the mouth. This allows them to be asorbed where they will absorb quickly through the mucous membranes under the tongue.

CBD Beauty Products

CBD-infused beauty products now include entire brands dedicated to providing beauty products with infused CBD oil.

CBD Pet Products and Dog Treats

CBD treats and products are popular and considered a non-toxic solution for animal pain-relief.

CBD Isolates and Hemp Oil

An Isolate is the purest form of CBD available on the market.

CBD Creams and Topical

CBD creams and topical's are popular because they can be applied directly to any part of the body that needs assistance.

CBD Edibles and Gummies

CBD edibles and gummies are typically available in different flavors and can make a wide variety of products including gummies, chocolates, chews, and more.

CBD Sprays and Pain Relief

CBD Sprays and Pain Relief are popular because they can be applied directly to any part of the body that needs assistance.

CBD Terpenes and Extracts

Terpenes are essential oils that enhances CBD oil.

Applying is Fast and Easy!

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High Risk Merchant Account

We can help those businesses who need approval for a high risk merchant account. We offer approvals for CBD oil payment processing with competitive pricing, and five-star service.

  • DOMESTIC USA based Credit Card Processing for Cannabis Oil Companies
  • Payment Gateway Integration Compatible with a High-Risk Merchant Account Authorize.net, NMI and others including Invoicing and Full Shopping Cart Integration
  • Easy to Use Virtual Terminal. Fully Featured Payment Gateway Setup. Mobile Swipe Processing Available
  • You will be Boarded with a CBD Friendly Bank. No Fears about being closed, denied, shut off for your business type

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