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It is not unusual for merchant account providers to set up merchant accounts while using a third party to offer payment gateway services. SecureGlobalPay is different. We proudly carry the title of “complete payment processor”. This means we offer both a merchant account and secure payment gateway services under one unique, robust platform to exceed all your payment processing needs.

The Difference Between a Merchant Account and Payment Gateway

A merchant account is the term most commonly used to describe the overall ability to process credit cards. However, a more accurate definition of a merchant account is simply a bank account that can securely receive an hold monies from your approved credit and debit card transactions. When a credit or debit card transaction is approved, money is initially moved from the customer’s issuing bank to a merchant account. Money is then automatically transferred from your merchant account to your business checking account or sometimes even your personal checking account within 1-2 business days.

A Secure Payment Gateway Solution is accurately defined as the software that works with a series of servers to transfer or move credit card or debit card information from the actual card to the issuing bank of that card for approval. The secure payment gateway solution also transfers approval or denial notices from the issuing bank back to the processing software.

A secure payment gateway solution is so critical to the success of a merchant account because it provides all the security needed to transfer information from one bank to another. A secure payment gateway must adhere to a series of industry regulations known as PCI compliance. If the payment gateway does not follow the rules set forth, then as the merchant account holder, you will most likely be penalized with a variety of fees.

Merchant Services

Benefits of Using SecureGlobalPay’s Payment Gateway

Multi-Channel Platform Services
Multi-channel platform services can give you, the business owner, the ability to accept credit cards through multiple channels at any time. With our secure payment gateway solution, you can collect credit cards through your website, via mail or telephone (MOTO), on your mobile device and even through your in-house POS system under one platform. With our payment gateway solution, you will also be able to collect and process both credit cards and checks.

With SGP’s Payment Gateway, you will be able to send customized invoices with detailed product descriptions and an embedded payment link to your customers. You will also be able to securely email the invoice to your customer. Once your customer receives the invoice, they can either pay the invoice via the embedded link or send a check to you. Our detailed payment gateway reporting system will allow you to quickly see if an invoice has been paid or if it is delinquent.

Recurring Billing
Our recurring billing system can help you to maintain a steady revenue stream by automatically debiting bill payments from your customers bank account. Once the necessary customer information has been added to the recurring billing system, you can let the software do the rest of the work. Customers who choose the option of having their payments automatically debited from their account each month often find that it can help reduce late fee charges. You can schedule each customer with a customized billing solution that will work best for them.

The customer will have the ability to stop the scheduled recurring billing payment at any time. If the expiration date on the customer’s card is coming due, the system will even send a reminder notice to your customer to update their information.

The SGP Payment Gateway system will also send your customers a receipt that they can keep for their records each time a payment is deducted from their account.

Sync With Quickbooks
If your business runs on QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Enterprise, we can sync all of your merchant account activities with Quickbooks Syncpay.

Accept All Cards Including
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, JCB, Diners Club and more.

Developer Friendly
SecureGlobalPay’s Payment Gateway is compatible with over 100 different shopping carts. We have easy-to-read documentation that can assist developers with any instructions that are needed when configuring our payment gateway and online ecommerce system.

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Multiple Ways to Work with SGP’s Payment API

Right now, SGP’s Payment Gateway solution comes with four different API’s for your Payment Processing needs.

Three Step Direct API
1. Almost all details needed to process the customer’s transaction is submitted to the SecureGlobalPay Payment Gateway. The customer’s payment information is the only information excluded. Once the Payment Gateway receives the information, it will then send a variable form-url.

2. The developer will need to create an HTML form that collects the sensitive information needed for the transaction. Embed the variable form-URL into the HTML form as the submit button.

3. Obtain the token-id and complete the transaction through an HTTPS POST including the token-id which abstracts the sensitive payment information that was collected directly by the Payment Gateway.

Direct Post API
1. A customer fills out their payment information through an online ecommerce shopping cart.

2. The ecommerce shopping cart posts the payment data to SecureGloblalPay’s Payment Gateway.

3. The Payment Gateway will transfer the sensitive information to the issuing bank of the card holder and receive an approval or a denial.

4. The online eCommerce shopping card will display the information provided by the payment gateway.

Mobile API

End-to-End Encryption
An end-to-end encryption takes credit card information that is collected on a mobile phone and encrypts the data before sending it to the issuing bank for approval. When using end-to-end encryption, a merchant account holder will receive an “RSA public key” that is unique to them. Only the Payment Gateway has access to the private key that corresponds to this public key.

If the keys match, then the payment gateway will decrypt the credit card information and send the information to the cardholders bank for approval. With end-to-end encryption you are pretty well covered with any compliance issues.

How the Encryption Works
Card data is encrypted using AES encryption. This encryption process randomly generates an encryption key for every card. This key is then encrypted with the public key along with the card data. This packet (the encrypted card and AES key) is unreadable to anybody without the private key which is only known to the Payment Gateway.

Query API
The query API is for developers that need to create queries for our reporting engine. This is most often used when our customers need to export data from the payment gateway system which is then imported into their accounting system.

The communication protocol used to send messages to the Payment Gateway is through the HTTP protocol over an SSL connection (HTTPS). The format you must use is name/value pairs delimited by ampersand.

Example Query String: username=username&password=password&transaction_id=123456789
You may use either GET or POST to pass your request to the Query API. The name/value pairs that are accepted by the Payment Gateway can be found in the ‘Variables’ section of this API.

The Query API can be tested with live credentials or a dedicated test account only.
The Query API will respond in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

Our Payment Gateway Solution

Sometimes talking about a solution isn’t as convincing as actually seeing the system. That is why we invite you to try a demo or sign up for a dev/sandbox account to view our API. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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