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Online Merchant Service Accounts - What to look for?

Whether you conduct business from a retail, brick-and-mortar store exclusively or from the comfort of your own home via the internet for your online business, the ability to accept credit & debit cards or eCheck payments is mandatory. With today’s rapidly changing business environment, the need for online payment processing and online merchant service accounts has never been more important.  When considering processing payments online, the way we adapt to the ever changing business landscape will dictate our future success. Processing transactions online, for an online business through the internet now accounts for the majority of retail payment processing as well. This applies both to virtual and in-person transactions.

Using your standard dial-up phone line with an old fashioned credit card terminal simply no longer makes sense. Let the professionals at SecureGlobalPay help guide you towards your path to “payment processing success.” 

Online Payment Processing via the Internet

Processing credit card payments via the internet requires an Online Merchant Services Account. Whether using a Point of Sale / POS system or accepting payments via a virtual terminal, payment processors use the internet via payment gateways to securely process your non cash transactions via the various elements that make up a successful bankcard transaction. 

At SecureGlobalPay, we provide custom Online Merchant Services Accounts specifically tailored to meet your business needs. Whether you are a small business owner processing payments for music downloads from your website, or you are managing a multi-location “big box” retailer, we have the solution that’s right for you.

Accept credit and debit cards today with SecureGlobalPay.

Understand Your Business

When you sit down to begin designing your online payment solution to accept credit & debit cards, it’s important to fully understand your business model. The design of your Online Merchant Account should reflect the needs and character of your retail or online enterprise.

Prior to the consultation, it’s a good idea to do a little research and compile some statistics. We will always keep these things in mind as we design the solution that is right for you.

What is the total dollar value of the average purchase made by your customers? What is your typical monthly transaction volume? What business bank account do you want your funds deposited into? What is the most commonly used payment solution, debit or credit? If the latter, then which credit cards are the most commonly used? Do you need to accept mobile payments? Do you have a website and need a shopping cart? Are you in need of accepting recurring payments? How to avoid additional fees when processing payments?

Answering these questions determines whether you should choose a third party service aggregator or a merchant account provider. If the latter, having this information at your fingertips will help them develop an Online Merchant Account to suit your needs.

Finding the Right Provider

The world of online payment processing is no different from any other industry. There are multiple players, each offering a unique combination of products and services to would-be customers.

In addition to researching your own business needs, we urge you to learn about the online payment industry in general. Reputable providers will not shy away from providing references. They are prepared to explain what makes their operation a compelling choice.

Always be on the lookout for providers that have a strong history of providing online accounts.

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Fees and Fine Print

Online merchant service providers make their money from service fees and transaction fees. Be alert to this when choosing a solutions provider. Be sure to ask for a schedule of fees and services offered.

We urge customers to be alert to deals that are “too good to be true.” Online fees differ from traditional retail merchant accounts. Make sure that the rates and fees you are being quoted apply to online transactions (a.k.a., a "card not present" environment).

Prepare in Advance

A little preparation in advance can help you avoid a great deal of difficulty where payment processing is concerned. Having your data readily available is vital when sitting down with a payment services provider. It will also help you prepare for your first experience of processing an online payment. 

Don’t hesitate to call SecureGlobalPay during your due diligence. We are more than happy to answer your questions and consider all your concerns.

Having a quality, secure online merchant account is key to successfully launching and operating an online business. Choosing the right service provider will help you avoid unnecessary charges. Choose a relationship with a provider that has the experience, resources and service elements you need.

Let SecureGlobalPay Help You

SecureGlobalPay has over 25 years of experience in the online payments industry. Our roster of thousands of satisfied customers is the foundation of our industry's reputation and financial stability.

SecureGlobalPay’s payment gateway, ensures security and fraud protection, seamless transaction processing and consistent service. We will significantly lower your customers’ payment gateway fees, providing immediate savings to their credit card processing costs over the competition. We are also one of the largest Authorize.Net re-sellers in the nation.

SecureGlobalPay provides award-winning customer service support to you 24/7. Let our dedicated service and technology customer experience teams help you succeed.

Find the Right Provider

Be on the lookout for providers that have a strong history in providing online accounts.

Look Out for Deals That are Too Good to be True

Online fees differ from traditional merchant accounts, so it is critical to make sure that the rates and fees you are being quote apply to transactions that are online or "card not present" environment.

Do not Wait Until the Last Minute

Do your research and begin the process at least a few weeks in advance of when you expect to accept your first online payment. Make sure to take your time and avoid being rushed when doing your due diligence. If you are unsure about which online credit card processing service is best for you, give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Setting up a quality, secure online merchant account is a critical key to launching and operating a successful online business. In order to avoid unnecessary charges and fees it is extremely important to work with a merchant service provider that understands the correct way to set up an online account, so choose your provider wisely and make sure that they have the experience, resources and service elements you need.

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