Mobile Credit Card Processing

With each passing day, new innovations arrive in the field of mobile commerce. Accepting payments on the go is a must! Every hour, it seems, a new mobile app or payment technology is born. The demand for goods or services via digital purchase is on the rise. Whether purchasing items with a traditional credit card like American Express or via some other alternate payment option, customers need mobile payment solutions and SecureGlobalPay has you covered. 

The internet is already humming with business. Every day, millions of transactions occur via credit card, PayPal, Stripe and electronic transfer applications for alternate payment solutions. 

The task of organizing and managing your business transactions online requires technical expertise. Whether you are making adjustments to your POS systems or need assistance in dealing with your existing credit card processing service, we can help. With SecureGlobalPay, you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Once internet activity was confined to the desktop. The iPhone and Android revolutions have brought that same connectivity to the hand-held world. Mobile commerce (or, e-commerce) and e-wallets represent the emerging frontier of online finance. Savvy business owners are preparing to meet the demand for mobile credit card processing. 

Position yourself today for the challenges of tomorrow.

What is Mobile Credit Card Processing?

Accepting payment on the go, out in the field via mobile credit card processing is becoming increasingly common. The convenience of the solution means it will only continue to grow in popularity and usage. Mobile credit card processing offers additional marketing benefits via integrated gift and loyalty solutions.

Accepting Credit Cards with a Mobile Device

As different types of mobile devices proliferate, merchants are being challenged to keep pace. There is growing customer demand for device-driven transactions.

Merchants must consider contingencies for accepting payments on the go when processing transactions via smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. Your ability to accept remote payments seamlessly and securely through a portable device is a real strategic asset. Deploying your business into the mobile world allows you to expand both your transactions and your sales efforts. 

With virtual point-of-sale payment applications, merchants are enabled to conveniently process real-time credit card transactions on the road. Any device or location connected to a Wi-Fi, Edge or 3G network will do. The nature of the mobile application “web” and the unique information services it enables provides opportunities. Connect with customers via ads and offers unique to the mobile world.

Extend your sales reach far beyond your traditional retail store, whether that be a physical space or on the Internet.

Expanding Options

With each new innovation in mobile technology comes the customer expectation of increased availability of retail options. Customers are driving change in the area of online transactions by demanding ever-greater  mobile payment options.

The demand is there and the market has responded. Payment solutions providers, technology companies, and financial institutions are rushing to provide a myriad of new mobile payment options to customers. But with innovation comes problems.

Tech designers and merchants alike have worked to incentivize customer activity in a number of ways. Offering a variety of different payment options and reward programs has been one method of increasing sales. But the sheer variety of programs now on offer has proven to be its own undoing.

Sometimes too many options can be a bad thing. The very profusion of rewards and programs has led to increased disruption and confusion on the part of merchants. There has been a corresponding frustration on the part of customers. Most seek only to purchase and pay for their products without having to navigate a variety of confusing options.

This has had the combined effect of producing a bottle-neck in the process of innovation. Sales and payment solutions collide. Business owners now face the difficult question of how to leverage these payment options to grow their business. However, committing to one payment option or the other can reduce overall sales.

Merchants faced with this situation can benefit from the advice of a trusted merchant service provider. SecureGlobalPay has a track record of innovation and robust solution services. 

Benefits of a Traditional Merchant Service Provider

Merchants are always looking for new ways to bring money into their business. The proliferation of new mobile devices increases customer expectations. Customers can now expect payment options enabling credit card and electronic transactions via a mobile device.

This has proven to be a great boon for many businesses. But it often involves adjusting your business operations. Working with a traditional merchant service provider can help.

SecureGlobalPay is ready to help your business move into the emerging commerce market. Help us ensure your enterprise moves to the next level securely and efficiently. In addition to providing the technical expertise to make new technology work for you. SecureGlobalPay offers many other services.


SecureGlobalPay provides business owners with security every step of the way. Our chargeback protection program can help you avoid the unpredictable pitfalls of online payment processing. We also offer programs for next day funding and low- to no caps on transaction processing volume. 

Grow your business with security and peace of mind. Work with a partner that has a proven track record of getting the results customers need. SecureGlobalPay understands the credit card processing industry from top to bottom.

Ways to Connect

The commerce market is still in flux. This affects the payments industry as a whole. But as it currently stands, there are a few preferred standards for business connectivity on mobile devices.

  • GPRS enables users to surf the internet from a mobile phone.
  • CDMA enables mobile connections from the service provider's tower to your handset
  • WIRELESS devices enable credit card terminals to connect via a WiFi network
  • BLUETOOTH devices allow multiple terminals and smartphones to connect as such

SecureGlobalPay will enable you to work with all protocols. As the mCommerce market evolves, we will support old systems and keep watch for new innovations that might affect your business.

In the constantly-evolving world of internet commerce, SecureGlobalPay is your best choice for a trusted online service solutions provider.