Swipe Technology

SecureGlobalPay Swipe Technology enables merchants using card readers to accept card-present transactions by installing a lightweight Windows based point-of-sale software application. It provides merchants and retailers with true end-to-end encryption processing for both EMV and traditional mag stripe transactions.

Benefits of Our Payment Gateway Swipe Technology:

Useful Data

Store up to 20 merchant defined fields in the Customer Vault for future business

Cost Efficient
Save money by paying lower card-present rates

Email Receipts
Automatically email receipts to customers

Enhanced Security
Encrypted end-to-end PED compliant security protects cardholders against breach

Signature Capture
Fight disputes with chargeback representation

EMV Processing
Accept EMV chip cards with an Encrypted USB Smart Terminal

What is your business? The answer to this seeming simple question can be the driver for many decision factors as you plan your plan and develop your business. Among these factors is what payment processing equipment will best serve your business – and especially – your customers.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what market segment you serve, because payment by credit card and related means, whether electronic or manual, is a key component to practically every enterprise in the 21st Century.

To help you determine a business type and the appropriate hardware to consider, first look at your mode of operation. Are you a traditional business, often called ‘brick and mortar’ with a majority of your customer base appearing in person at your location?

The importance of this determination to hardware choices is relatively straightforward. For example, a business with a significant brick and mortar existence would require a card reader in order to process credit and debit card transactions. A virtual business never handles the customer’s card, and, as such simply requires a point of sale (POS) terminal that eases the handling and verification of card number for both parties.

You can learn more about our payment gateway here: secureglobalpay.net/gateway-services

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