Virtual Terminal

SecureGlobalPay Virtual Terminal is a payment processing solution that allows you to manually key in credit card, debit card and eCheck through your desktop or mobile device.

Our state of the art technology allows you to rest assured that your payments will be processed securely and efficiently through our 1st in Class, Secure Payment Gateway.

The nature of modern commercial activity has become intertwined with credit card and other electronic payment modalities.

A virtual terminal is the norm and serves as the functional equivalent of the counter-top credit card processing terminal.

Payment Gateway

When you use the virtual terminal you can:

Complete a credit card transaction without hardware.

Process credit cards through a PCI Compliant System.

Have access to a simple, easy to use solution.

OmniChannel Terminal Solutions for Your Small Business

Many of our SecureGlobalPay Payment Gateway customers are small business owners who need to accept payments for a variety of situations. With SecureGlobalPays Secured Payment Gateway our customers can accept payments for orders via mail or telephone.

Virtual Credit Card Terminals with PCI Security

SecureGlobalPay believes that customer security is top priority. That is why our Secured Payment Gateway makes use of PCI compliant security features to ensure that your customers transactions are safe and secure.

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