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Should I Leave My Current Merchant Account Provider?

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Most of us have felt stuck with a bad investment at some point in our lives. Thinking that it might be worse somewhere else, we stick with the bad investment hoping that it will eventually work in our favor. We also see this happen to many small businesses who feel stuck with their current Merchant…

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Press Release: SGP and Smart Guy Partnership

SecureGlobalPay, a leader in online and traditional Merchant Account Services, is pleased to announce a partnership with the Smart Guy Online Business Directory. The Smart Guy Online Business Directory is quickly becoming one of the largest exclusive business networks in the world with over 110,000 businesses in over 6,000 cities. Unlike traditional directories and networks,…

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Merchant Accounts for the Health Care Industry

The healthcare industry is extremely diverse and covers many different specialties under its umbrella. SecureGlobalPay has a great deal of experience in establishing merchant accounts that work best for those in the healthcare industry. We can also help you find a solution that will provide seamless integration with your current systems. We have worked with…

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