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Payment Solutions for iPads & Tablets

At SecureGlobalPay, we are committed to innovation when it comes to merchant services and payment processing. Payment Solutions for iPads is a no brainer for most retail and mobile environment's. When a new technology emerges that enables payment solutions for tablets, our customers don’t have to wait. Tablets and iPads represent a robust, convenient technology that is popular with the public. Accepting payments via a tablet is the new frontier in credit card processing. Let us help you establish your payment solutions via a tablet through our robust payment gateway. We can even provide the tablet to accept credit and debit cards!

Our team has kept pace with each new frontier of digital payment solutions. Our virtual terminal enabled within our payment gateway can run on any device needed. From POS terminals and PCs to hand-held mobile devices for mobile payment processing. SecureGlobalPay researches, understands and leads the way in merchant account payment solutions. We will be there when a new payment method emerges. We are positioned as one of the primary payment processors to provide Payment Solutions for Tablets via a card reader. 

Payment Solutions for iPads begin by selecting the right software apps to process credit card payments. We’ll even take it a step further by synching the devices with your apps. Whether you own an iPad mini, iPad Air or something else, we can assist you with processing your card transaction with ease and peace of mind. 

At SecureGlobalPay, we are committed to helping your business find the solutions you need to accept credit & debit cards. Oftentimes, that requires much more than just kiosk hardware for your smartphone or tablets. At SecureGlobalPay, solutions begin with satisfied customers. Ask about our free credit card reader and payment gateway. 

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Our Services

App Development

A variety of app-based payment solutions like Apple Pay are available via the Apple Store, Google or similar outlets. We will help you choose the app that is right for your business. But what if the app you need isn’t there? We can help with that as well.

At SecureGlobalPay, our experienced team is prepared to help you build the perfect app. Our development team has currently designed 10+ business apps for our customers. SecureGlobalPay’s development teams are among the most versatile in the industry. With over 25 years of experience in the payment space, let us build the perfect mobile software application for your business.

Device Procurement

SecureGlobalPay has a strong network of partners and preferred vendors. Let us guide you through the process of selecting the right tablet for you. Once done, we can then procure as much as you need through our preferred vendors. We can help you find the perfect hardware that connects either via Wifi or cellular to fit your specific business needs.

Device Imaging

Once the perfect tablet for your business has been identified, we can help with the set-up. Let us configure, image and sync your tablets with your chosen payment app.

Custom Build

At SecureGlobalPay, we provide a wide variety of both retail and online payment services for common needs in the market. However, we are prepared to facilitate any custom requests necessary for the success of your project. Our team is prepared to take on customer projects of any scale. Our team solutions are forward-thinking, efficient, and cost-sensitive.

Let us help you brainstorm your way through a customer-designed payment solutions for iPads that cater to your specific business needs.

Kiosk Support

Our support is there for your brick-and-mortar store or your physical presence at a trade-show or conference. SecureGlobalPay provides a variety of custom branding options. We supply customer faceplates, vinyl wraps and laser etching to help you brand your kiosk. Let us help you display your message in style.

In addition to tablets, we can help you procure additional components for your sales kiosk or point-of-sale register. These might include:

  • Cash Drawers
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Pin Pads
  • Gift and Loyalty Payment Solutions
  • Water Resistant Protectors
  • Portable Back-Up Batteries/Power Solutions

Whatever the unique needs of your project, we’ll help you choose the best options to accept credit and debit cards. Our experts can help you procure the equipment swiftly and at a reasonable price through our partner network.

Mobile Device Management

For sites with multiple registers or a distributed presence at a conference or trade-show, we provide mobile device management. Our payment gateway software enables you to manage all kiosks from one central location. 

Customer Fulfillment

At SecureGlobalPay, our involvement with your business doesn’t stop with the solution. We provide ongoing service and support for our customers and their apps. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store, an internet business or an event requiring deployment of custom tablet kiosks, SecureGlobalPay can help. We have the channels in place to manage all of the logistics.

Total Satisfaction 

Let the professionals at SecureGlobalPay guide you through the process of establishing the absolute best payment solution for your specific business type. You won’t be disappointed!


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