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When considering payment processing for your offshore merchant account, turn to SecureGlobalPay for all your credit & debit card processing needs. Obtain offshore merchant services and an international merchant account in as little as 72 hours.  Choose SecureGlobalPay as your payment processor and start building additional revenue with your offshore merchant account solution today.

SecureGlobalPay is a proven leader in the offshore credit card processing industry. With over 25 years in the payments space, we have extensive experience working with high risk businesses. We offer an award-winning payment gateway, chargeback management tools and customer support for high risk and hard-to-place merchant accounts. Our experience processing credit card transactions and offering processing solutions in multiple currencies is custom made for offshore businesses.

With SecureGlobalPay you can count on our friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you navigate the marketplace with confidence and success. Fill out our simple online application in minutes. Get started processing online with your high risk merchant account to accept card payments processing offshore in as little as 72 hours.

Offshore Accounts: A Growth Market

A changing social and legal landscape can put your online business in jeopardy. Changes in the political and regulatory world could make decades of work obsolete…especially with new laws and governments in place. Similarly, the environment in your country might be such that your business is categorized as high risk. Whether you are a high volume merchant or need to establish a merchant account outside of the United States, SecureGlobalPay Offshore Merchant Services has a solution for you.

Offshore businesses can provide a way around these problems. Relocating your business in whole or in part abroad can exempt you from the conditions that make your business model unsustainable. The growth in offshore businesses has been exponential over the last few years. Time to set up your offshore processing service has never been better. 

Offshore merchants need a way to transact businesses that are not dependent on the local economy or the single currency. Processing online credit card payments over the internet provides the perfect solution. Let our team be your guide in setting up an offshore merchant account solution.

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Offshore Accounts & Online Payments

Before you can start processing credit card payments online, you must partner with an acquiring bank or traditional financial institution. Because of the risks associated with international businesses, many domestic banks balk at partnering with an offshore business.

SecureGlobalPay is your proven alternative for Offshore Merchant Services. We can help you overcome the restrictions often placed on high risk accounts by traditional banks and acquirers. These are typically processing volume caps and rolling reserves. If your business is international, you need to prioritize efficient solutions that are streamlined and also cost effective.

SecureGlobalPay: Your Offshore Solution Specialist

SecureGlobalPay can not only help you process online payments, but also work to protect you from fines and penalties from excessive chargebacks with our chargeback reduction management programs. We offer a wide variety of solution based services to help your business grow exponentially.

Offshore or Not? The decision to relocate your business offshore for financial reasons is a major one. The investment of time and energy is considerable. SecureGlobalPay can help you assess whether the effort is worthwhile.

Move your Operation. SecureGlobalPay can assist you and your team in establishing an offshore company or corporation. Contact us for details.

Financing Offshore. Once offshore, SecureGlobalPay can help you get started. Our experts will help you every step of the way. We will work with you to obtain offers from several offshore and international banks and assist you in establishing partnerships to help open offshore bank accounts. Let us help you save time while you focus on earning more money.

Rates. Depending on the business you have, rates for accounts offshore can run anywhere from 4.49 – 10%. SecureGlobalPay works hard to keep its rates low and ensure any extra costs you may absorb are negligible.

NOTE: Processing times for offshore accounts may vary due to time zone changes. SecureGlobalPay will help explain the transaction process and also set up your virtual terminal, secure payment gateway and APIs while you wait for approval.

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