e-Commerce Payment Processing

Payment Processing with Quickbooks®

When it comes to e-Commerce Payment Processing & bookkeeping in the digital world, QuickBooks® has established itself as the industry leader. Created and marketed by Intuit, the software is the tool of choice for millions of businesses and households worldwide. SecureGlobalPay’s Payment Gateway has an integrated plug-in for QuickBooks Payment Processing. This allows you to skip multiple entries when processing credit card, debit card & ACH transactions. 

Small business owners in today’s competitive digital marketplace need effective e-Commerce Payment Processing solutions. Seamless integration packages like QuickBooks online allow merchants to collect, organize and use customer data to improve their bottom line. Online accounting can also be used to drive elements of the transaction and customer service cycles. The key lies in successfully combining these components for small business owners in an effective way.

SecureGlobalPay offers its QuickBooks Payment Processing to savvy business owners. Centralize record-keeping and integrate sales, accounting and bookkeeping within a single seamless process. We provide these customers faster payment processing with QuickBooks® Synch. 

Chances are excellent that your business or one you know uses QuickBooks®. QuickBooks can be used to keep track of accounts as well as provide detailed reporting. It also allows you to accept credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments via the web. With our Secure Payment Gateway and it’s QuickBooks Synch,everything can be processed with the touch of a button.


The Online Business Environment

The ability to accept payments online is crucial to businesses success in the internet age. Merchants must have the flexibility to accept a variety of payment methods in their ecommerce store. Selling online requires e-Commerce Payment Processing & partnering with a PCI-compliant payment solutions provider. 

Your online store’s cash register is its secure payment gateway. Partnering with the right online credit card processing service can make all the difference. Achieve a solvent business and avoid becoming mired in transaction fees or credit or debit card penalties. Fraud filters and a variety of transaction monitoring tools form the ‘front-line’ of any business processing credit card transactions online.

Every business owner with an online presence understands the pressure of credit card transactions. From the moment you begin to apply to process transactions online, the pressure is on. You must keep up a healthy volume of sales while avoiding the pitfalls of chargebacks

Often, issuing banks and credit card companies can seem less than sympathetic in this regard. Online companies face the double-bind of managing volume while simultaneously paying attention to detail. 

Each transaction carries within it a certain amount of risk. Process too many and the fraudulent ones slip through. Process too few and you go out of business. Online merchants need support, not sanctions, from their digital business partners.

SecureGlobalPay is your payment processor of choice. We are an experienced leader in ecommerce payment solutions. Our credit card processing services enable selling online for thousands of merchant accounts worldwide. More to the point, we offer secure payment technology integrated directly into merchant services solutions for our clients.


Payment Gateway

How It Works

SecureGlobalPay’s payment gateway has a certified plug-in. It’s one of the only merchant service providers that exchanges sales and customer data from your webstore directly with QuickBooks®.

Once your data is synched, your business can email invoices right from QuickBooks®. You can include a Pay Now link, letting customers pay you instantly online or from their mobile device. Merchant Service enables you to process and record sales, storing customer data as part-and-parcel of the transaction process.

By making use of a SecureGlobalPay merchant service payment gateway, you can save time and avoid duplication of effort. Trap and store customer data at the point of sale. Replicating effort by data entry wastes time and can lead to human error that can cost money down the road.

Let SecureGlobalPay help integrate and optimize your record-keeping operation with its merchant services.



The SecureGlobalPay/QuickBooks® gateway option provides numerous benefits.

  • Enable the “accept payments” with QuickBooks option by simply touching the icon
  • Process payments with a direct, real-time connection to QuickBooks®
  • Send invoices to customers and track invoice activity directly from QuickBooks®
  • Include a “PAY NOW” link on your invoices, allowing customers to pay you instantly online or from their mobile device
  • Gateway includes an icon for a card-reader option for customers to swipe credit cards
  • Accept customer credit card payments online through the SecureGlobalPay gateway
  • ACH bank transfers and all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are covered.
  • QuickBooks® is auto-updated with real-time transaction information.

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