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If you are a nonprofit organization looking for an easy way to collect digital donations for non profits, SecureGlobalPay can offer many unique solutions that will make it easy for your donors to give to your church or non-profit organization.

Non profits and religious organizations are able to simplify their donation process with Secure Global Pay’s faith based giving platform — and the benefits don’t end there. Secure Global Pay’s processing is fully compliant with the standards set forth by the PCI Security Council, to give you peace of mind in security, practicality and safety.

What is a NonProfit Organization

Many different types of organizations can fall under the “non-profit” definition as outlined by the IRS. If you apply for a nonprofit status with the IRS then you typically receive a 501(c)(3) status from the IRS classifying your organization as a “public charity” or “private foundation”. The benefits of receiving this classification for your nonprofit organization include an exemption from having to pay federal income taxes when accepting Donations for NonProfits.

There are many organizations who receive a tax exempt status, but if you are looking to be labeled specifically as a nonprofit, the IRS requires that you must specific criteria. Your organization must be available to the general public and provide a solution to a tangible need. If your organization is created solely for the benefit of the members of your organization, then you are unlikely to receive the nonprofit label.

Specific needs your organization can meet may include:

Religious – Synagogues, temples, mosques, and similar types of organization. Additionally, mission organizations, nondenominational ministries, ecumenical organizations, or faith-based social service agencies, may qualify for exemption

Educational – Schools such as a primary or secondary schools, a college, or trade schools

Charitable Benefits – This covers a wide range of possible exemptions including relief of the poor, the distressed, or the underprivileged, erection and/or maintenance of public buildings monuments, or works. Also, work that combats community deterioration and juvenile delinquency is tax exempt.

Scientific – Museums, zoos, planetariums, symphony orchestras, or similar organizations.

The goal of the nonprofit exemption is to help the organizations dedicate the taxes saved towards goods and services for the public. Furthermore, the IRS helps encourages the public to support non-profit organizations by offering deduction benefits through donations from their income tax bill.

To become registered as a nonprofit entity with the IRS, an organization must obtain and fill out an application provided on the IRS website for charitable organizations. The application will include many detailed questions including the purpose of a nonprofit organization, how the organization will be funded, the structure of the executive members running the nonprofit and other pertinent information.

After the application is approved, an organization will receive their tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

What’s the Different Between Public Charity and Private Donations for Non Profits?

A public charity generally receives a great deal of its annual funds directly from public donations. In fact, the IRS requires that a charity must receive at least one-third of its funds from the public to qualify as “public charity”.

A private foundation receives its primary financial income from philanthropic individuals, families or businesses. A private foundation generally requires a lot more paperwork and a detailed account of all contributor donations given to the private foundation throughout the year.

Types of Equipment We Offer for Debit and Credit Card Donations

SecureGlobalPay offers many different user friendly digital options for nonprofit organizations to collect donations. All of our options are PCI compliant and offer the best in credit card and debit card security.

The benefits of offering an easy-to-use digital donation solution for your nonprofit charitable organization are numerous. We’ve seen how offering many different and convenient solutions can help to maximize the potential profits of a nonprofit organization.

We also offer recurring billing solutions to automate the Donations for NonProfits giving process.


Kiosks are an easy way to collect digital donations. Kiosks can accept Donations for Non Profits via credit cards and debit cards. Kiosks can also accept donations via Paypal. The kiosk could also be used to gather additional contact information so that you can continue to reach out and update members who donate.

There are many exciting options that kiosks offer. You can create a video with a unique message to be played on the kiosk. The message can help encourage donations by showing the important work that can be done when generous donations are given to the organization.

Kiosks can also be accessorized with a printer so those donating can immediately receive a receipt of donation. Also available is a dispenser for marketing materials.

The kiosks can also become a digital advertisement display to showcase important messages, future events that the organization is planning and engage those considering Donations for NonProfits.

Online Giving

In this digital age it seems more and more people are choosing to be constantly connected through their mobile device. Mobile giving typically occurs through an organizations mobile website and allows organizations to accept Tithing Donations for Non Profits. All a customer has to do is visit the mobile friendly website, and click on a convenient “donate” button to transfer funds to the nonprofit.

Mobile Text Giving

Mobile texting can be used to give, pledge or donate money to a nonprofit organization. Donors can use this feature by texting a unique keyword to a designated short code to make a donation ($5, $10 or $25).

Another unique way for Organization to receive Donations for Non Profits is to use mobile texting is by letting donors text in the amount they are willing to pledge. We provide a secure system to captures the amount pledged, time and date, and the donor’s cell phone number. Of course, it will be up to your organization to collect funds from donors at a future date.

Facebook Giving

Facebook giving allows your Organization to collect donations from your Facebook page. Our Facebook tools will help your campaign reach a large base of supporters quickly and easily. This can be done with a few simple steps:

  • Go to your online fundraising page (if you don’t have one, SecureGlobalPay can help you create one).
  • On the right-hand side, click the “Create Your Badge” option
  • Follow the instructions to add your online giving form to your Facebook page


Crowdfunding is a powerful source of revenue that can help Donations for Non Profits collect money from around the world. SecureGlobalPay can help make your next fundraiser go viral with our great fundraising tools. It takes just a few simple steps:

  • Go to your online fundraising page
  • Use our social media sharing tools
  • Share your fundraiser with your friends and family to gain their support
  • Crowdfunding tools help your campaign go viral

Please contact your SecureGlobalPay rep to find out how you can use all of these services for just a small additional monthly fee based on the dollar volume you intend on accepting. **No additional percentage rates or transactions fees**

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