Non-Profit & Religious

Make it Easy for Your Donors to Give to Your Church or Non-Profit

Non-profits and religious organizations are able to simplify their donation process with SecureGlobalPay’s payment gateway -- and the benefits don’t end there. SecureGlobalPay's processing is fully compliant with the standards set forth by the PCI Security Council, giving you peace of mind in security, practicality and safety.

With SecureGlobalPay's Payment Solutions for Church and Non-Profit

Increase donations - Electronic payments can easily be made with a giver’s debit/credit card or even checks. They will do so through your organization’s non-profit hosted payment form.

Keep existing donors - Those who already have given to you will find it very easy to give time and again. Recurring donation options also help reduce your organization’s marketing costs.

Increase the security of donor payments - As mentioned above, SecureGlobalPay’s church credit card processing solutions are completely PCI-certified and tokenized, ensuring that your donors’ sensitive financial data stays safe!

SecureGlobalPay Also Offers the Option of an All Inclusive Kiosk That Will Accept Credit Cards

Our kiosks can be built with a customized design that allows for an easy application of fully wrapped graphics and still has a compact footprint.The kiosk can hold almost any piece of equipment needed. It comes standard with a single touch screen mounted above a large front panel.

This system can hold a thermal printer with the optional add-on rear body piece. With its variety of hardware configurations, easy service access, and large branding surface, our kiosks accomplish a lot and is a cost effective solution for most businesses. Call or contact us today to learn more!

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