Wireless Terminals

Many industries -- retail, food services, events venues -- have unique circumstances that can make accepting payment a challenge. SecureGlobalPay offers varying degrees of credit card processing equipment for all types of businesses including Wireless Terminals. For instance, are you a retailer that hosts sidewalk sales? By purchasing one of the many wireless terminals available today, you can can start accepting payments on the go, at anytime and anywhere. Does your event venue promise its visitors that they won't miss a minute of the game? That means you have to bring the transaction for food and beverages to them. With our wireless and Pay-at-the-Seat technology, your vendors can make a card-based transaction in the stands. Work with SecureGlobalPay to obtain these business tools and make payment transactions easy for you and your customers.

Wireless Terminals

SecureGlobalPay is the largest supplier of wireless credit card machines on the Internet. We carry wireless credit card terminals from many major manufacturers, including Way Systems, Nurit and VeriFone.

Wireless credit card machines offer businesses the ability to process credit and debit card at virtually any location. There are several common pitfalls not found with traditional credit card terminals that a potential buyer can fall into if not careful when looking to purchase a wireless credit card terminal. Wireless coverage availability, and outdated equipment top the list for the most common problems found when purchasing a wireless credit card machine.

What is your business? The answer to this seeming simple question can be the driver for many decision factors as you plan your plan and develop your business. Among these factors is what payment processing equipment will best serve your business – and especially – your customers.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what market segment you serve, because payment by credit card and related means, whether electronic or manual, is a key component to practically every enterprise in the 21st Century. To help you determine a business type and the appropriate hardware to consider, first look at your mode of operation.

Are you a traditional business, often called ‘brick and mortar’ with a majority of your customer base appearing in person at your location? Or, are you a virtual or eCommerce entity that principally serves your customer base via an electronic interface, such as the Internet, Website, or as a participant in an online auction or marketplace such as eBay, Yahoo Stores, or Buy.com to name a few?

One other business type, possibly the most common, is a combination of the previous where some markets or products are served electronically, while others are housed in the traditional model. The importance of this determination to hardware choices is relatively straightforward.

For example, a business with a significant brick and mortar existence would require a card reader in order to process credit and debit card transactions. A virtual business never handles the customer’s card, and, as such simply requires a point of sale (POS) terminal that eases the handling and verification of card number for both parties. Business type also impacts hardware choices if the POS is part of a wireless credit card terminal that can be taken to wherever the customer may be.

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