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Today's business owner is not always in a fixed storefront location, especially if his or her business is a delivery, limousine or taxi service; a home repair contracting company; or participates in trade shows or fairs. SecureGlobalPay's wireless merchant account solutions allow you to serve customers in new locations and make it easier to up sell additional services for increased revenue.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Payment Processing Solutions for the Wireless Merchant

  • Easy set up and auto device detection so you can start processing right away
  • Compatible with over 100 mobile devices that run on iOS and Android
  • Over 2 million devices sold worldwide
  • PCI compliant security of cardholder data upon swipe
  • Manage your inventory on your mobile app
  • Online and offline processing so you'll still get paid even if a wireless connection if lost
  • Support for cash and card transactions, voids, refunds, sales tax, tips, and receipts
  • Keep track of devices and transactions reports

Whether your device is Apple, Android or BlackBerry, our solutions can work for you.