From Government Offices to Trucking Fleets

Even small companies and businesses are reaping the benefits of issuing fleet cards to their employees. Fleet cards are commercial credit cards that target the petroleum industry, allowing their users to purchase fuel, auto services and supplies. Transaction information is electronically captured through the point-of-sale equipment, summarized and, depending on the issuer, can be available to business owners or fleet managers in a comprehensive report package.

With unique capabilities such as the ability to flag or reject unauthorized purchases, premium fuel purchases, non-fuel purchases and non-company vehicle fueling, fleet cards simplify automobile and truck management for any business and help reduce expenditures.

Benefits of Accepting Fleet Cards

Used exclusively for business expenses, fleet cards generate higher average ticket sales and allow you to:

Reach new markets - State and local government offices, colleges and universities, trucking fleets and companies of all sizes issue fleet cards to their employees.

Improve brand loyalty - Because they are limited to stores that accept their own particular fleet card, users are more loyal to accepting stores.

Increase security - Fleet cards have the option of requiring a PIN-based authorization, reducing the odds of fraudulent transactions.

We Support These Fleet Card Programs:

Wright Express - Wright Express provides fleet charge cards to the fleet maintenance and fueling industry with its cards accepted at more than 160,000 locations.

Voyager - U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Systems Inc. provides universal fleet fueling and maintenance cards for over 1.3 million vehicles. The Voyager Fleet Card is accepted at over 175,000 retail locations in all 50 states.

Fleet One - Fleet One provides financial service solutions, including fleet cards, to companies with fleets of all classes and sizes, and the merchants that service them.

Mastercard - The Mastercard Corporate Fleet Card is accepted at over 125,000 fuel locations across the U.S., and at over 600,000 service locations.

Visa Fleet Card - The widely accepted Visa Fleet Card offers many benefits for businesses, government and non-profit users.

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