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As a non-profit entity, you may find it easy to love what you do, but hard when it comes to finding the funds to do it. While the job of a non-profit can help fulfill the needs of many, quite often it does seem that lack of funds can quickly derail goals. Below we examine ideas on how your non-profit can increase donations goals. We also recommend various platforms that you can use to make it easy to collect money from your supporters!

What is a Non-Profit

Often times many charitable individuals think of a great idea that will help improve the lives of their fellow man. They may decide to call themselves non-profit to encourage supporters to donate to their cause. However, you cannot officially become a non-profit organization until you file the proper paperwork. You will want to start by filing articles of incorporation which will declare your intention to become a non-profit. You will then need to ask the IRS for tax exempt status. To do this, they will ask that you have documentation and governing policies and procedures on hand for approval. You will then want to register your non-profit with the current state you live in as well as any other state where you will be collecting donations.
You may also want to research any licenses or permits that you may need to do business as a non-profit. The types of licensing and permits may vary based on the non-profit industry that you will be working focusing your attentions on.

How to Generate Money for My Non-Profit

Often times those who run non-profit organizations will have plenty of passion and desire to move their non-profit forward. However, generating money can often times feel like a stumbling block in trying to reach those goals. Below, we a list a few things that you can do to help generate funds for your non-profit.
Grants – There are thousands of grants available for non-profit entities. They can be found through government programs, corporations or even foundation boards. Most grants have a very specific audience and it can often be worth your time to research and apply for grants

Fundraisers – We have heard that putting together a fundraiser can be extremely intimidating. However, many non-profits continue to fundraise, because it can be extremely effective in bringing together an entire community to supports your cause. Portions of the funds from a fundraiser can help cover everything from operational expenses to administrative costs. Often times, community members and businesses are more than happy to help offset the cost of a fundraiser for a little recognition. Don’t be afraid to roll out the red carpet and showcase all of the great support that you receive through a fundraiser.

Manage Your Budgets – Most often when you feel passionate about a subject, you want to higher the best of the best to help reach your goal. However, non-profits can quickly get into trouble offering salary and benefit packages that are too large for the non-profit to handle. Make sure that you understand what a realistic budget will look like for your non-profit from year to year. Understand that most non-profits take time to grow. If you are concerned about cash payouts to your employees, consider the ability you have as a non-profit to provide specialized bonus options. You may be able to provide perks to your employees such as vehicles, trips and entertainment that can be written off on your taxes if paid for by the non-profit.

Easy Ways to Collect Money

Perhaps the best way to collect money for your non-profit organization is to make donating to your cause very easy.

Below we list a few options to get you started:

Kiosks – Kiosks are a great way to encourage your supporters to donate. You can place kiosks in convenient locations so that your supporters can donate at any time. The interface for donating through kiosks is very user friendly. With our kiosk giving software, the user will simply have to choose the fund they wish to donate to, the amount that they wish to donate and then swipe their card through the kiosk payment processing solution. The designated payment will be authorized and go through right into the bank account of your choice. If you are running a fundraising event, you can have kiosks on site to register and collect money for the event.

Mobile Giving – It seems that almost everybody has a mobile phone in hand these days. Whether at a church function or a community event, you can let people donate through their mobile phones! When signing up for the mobile giving option, your organization will typically be provided a mobile app. Your supporters will simply need to have them find your organization in the mobile giving app. Initially, they will go through a simple sign in process, then specify the amount that they would like to give and input their credit card number. The funds will be directed right to your bank account.

Online Giving – With SecureGlobalGive, you will be able to create an online page that will give details about your non-profit. If you already have a website, that is not a problem. We can provide the donation form directly to you so that you can embed it into your current website.
Facebook Giving – Facebook is the place to go to connect with family, friends and supporters of your non-profit. With Facebook giving, we will provide you with a “donate” badge that can be added directly to your Facebook non-profit page. From there, you will simply need to follow the instructions to set up your donation form directly on Facebook.

If you are interested in making money for your non profit, then please contact us today. We want to make giving easy and convenient for your supporters by providing powerful tools to help you collect donations. We will provide people and organizations both large and small the infrastructure needed to keep trusting friendships alive with their donors by keeping images, posts, and other social activities up to date.

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