Pin Pads

Pin Pads are a useful time-saver for retailers, and they allow you to offer your customers added convenience.

Additionally, the use of Pin Pads can help reduce the chance of chargebacks by adding an additional level of security. The money is captured from the customer's account immediately, and many customers say they appreciate the faster checkout times.


SecureGlobalPay is on a never-ending quest to find the best equipment and credit card machines for processing payments. We seek out the lowest prices and constantly look for new ways to offer value for your business through your merchant account.

Through endless research, we are proud to offer you PIN pads and check readers that require the minimum of employee training, offer multiple levels of security, and let you verify and process payments in a short time with minimal effort.

Depending on the physical space you use for your sales, you may choose to have an integrated card-processing unit or a separate PIN entry tool.

To accept PIN-based charges, you'll need a terminal, a receipt printer and PIN pad at each checkout location. There are several different ways to configure this gear.

For instance, Verifone offers a separate PINpad that plugs into your terminal but can be handed to the customer, allowing greater privacy for PIN entry. The same company offers a single-unit terminal, receipt printer and PIN entry pad in a small countertop unit.

The choice is up to you, based on your space configuration but also on your customer base.

For instance, some retailers may find it important to have PIN pads with large numbers for the convenience of elderly customers, while others may find ruggedness important when dealing with customers who are likely to be carrying inquisitive toddlers.

An integrated unit includes the terminal, printer and PIN entry pad in one small device, which can be turned toward the customer for PIN entry.

PINpads and similar tools plug into your point-of-sale terminal on a flexible cord, and can be handed to the customer for greater privacy in PIN entry.

Whatever solution you choose, be sure it is rugged and reliable, and pay attention to how easy it is to use. A simple, intuitive interface can go a long way toward reducing chargebacks due to clerks' errors.

Also pay attention to the cost of consumables when choosing a debit card processing solution. Thermal paper costs more than the ordinary kind, for example, but ink is also a consideration.

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