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Seamlessly integrate blockchain cryptocurrency processing into your payment model!


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Increase Sales

Access an untapped $250 billion dollar coin market cap that is looking to spend their cryptocurrency holdings.


Guaranteed Protection

Eliminate volatility from price swings with Instant Settlements. If a customer makes a purchase, you will receive the exact asking amount for your products and services.


Instant Settlements

Leverage the liquidity of Instant 'crypto-to-fiat or cryptoto-crypto' Settlement.

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Business Benefits:

No Chargebacks

Offer Multiple Cryptocurrencies Alongside Your Traditional Payment Options

Easy Integration and Deployment

Reduced Processing Costs

Sell to a Fast Growing Audience

Accept Cryptocurrency Payments From any eWallet

Ability to Accept Cryptocurrency both Online and Offline

Access to Branded Mobile Applications

Integration into POS Terminals

Growing Market Share, Increase Sales, Guaranteed Protection.