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Seamlessly integrate blockchain cryptocurrency processing into your payment model!


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Increase Sales

Access an untapped $250 billion dollar coin market cap that is looking to spend their cryptocurrency holdings.


Guaranteed Protection

Eliminate volatility from price swings with Instant Settlements. If a customer makes a purchase, you will receive the exact asking amount for your products and services.


Instant Settlements

Leverage the liquidity of Instant 'crypto-to-fiat or cryptoto-crypto' Settlement.

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Business Benefits:

No Chargebacks

Offer Multiple Cryptocurrencies Alongside Your Traditional Payment Options

Easy Integration and Deployment

Reduced Processing Costs

Sell to a Fast Growing Audience

Accept Cryptocurrency Payments From any eWallet

Ability to Accept Cryptocurrency both Online and Offline

Access to Branded Mobile Applications

Integration into POS Terminals


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Growing Market Share, Increase Sales, Guaranteed Protection.