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Everyone at SecureGlobalPay is eager to help you with all your payment processing services. We have created this section for you and your Business to stay up to date on the latest news and trends taking place in the Financial Technologies and Merchant Services Industry. You'll receive updated information on how our payments technology can help you keep better tabs on your revenues, marketing effectiveness and growth. We'll keep you informed on what payment services might help you reach more customers while creating better conversions and revenue opportunities to help your business scale as needed. SecureGlobalPay Merchant Services is proud to provide the absolute best service in the merchant processing industry today!

All About the SecureGlobalPay’s Payment Gateway Solution

July 5, 2016
Payment Gateway Solution

It is not unusual for merchant account providers to set up merchant accounts while using a third party to offer payment gateway services. SecureGlobalPay is different. We proudly carry the title of “complete payment processor”. This means we offer both a merchant account and secure payment gateway services under one unique, robust platform to exceed

Merchant Accounts for the Health Care Industry

June 28, 2016
Health Care Industry

The health care industry is extremely diverse and covers many different specialties under its umbrella. SecureGlobalPay has a great deal of experience in establishing merchant accounts that work best for those in the health care industry. We can also help you find a solution that will provide seamless integration with your current systems. We have

How to Find the Best Point of Sale System for Your Business

June 7, 2016
Point of Sale System

A Point of Sale system is also sometimes referred to as a POS system and is found in most business brick and mortar locations. It is the hardware and software systems that work together to accept payment for products and services purchased in your business establishment. There are hundreds of Point of Sale systems to

All About Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards and Fleet Cards

May 25, 2016
Prepaid Cards

There are many different card options available to help you reward employees, customers and friends. There are also different options to help you manage your business expenses and increase sales revenue. Below we discuss all the different options available to your business, how Prepaid Cards can be used and the benefits each card offers your business.

Merchant Aggregators vs. Merchant Accounts

May 17, 2016
Merchant Aggregators vs. Merchant Accounts

Many small businesses find that the ability to accept credit and debit cards can help increase their income and ongoing revenue streams. Knowing the difference between Merchant Aggregators and merchant Accounts can be extremely beneficial before applying. Signing up for Merchant Services with a traditional merchant account can seem like a daunting task but oftentimes,

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