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Two-Factor Authentication is a more secure method of verifying or validating your identity by requiring ‘what you have’ and ‘who you are’ in addition to the standard usernames and passwords. Two-Factor Authentication will provide more security, making it much more difficult for an attacker to impersonate you and your accounts/resources.

How It Works

The Two-Factor Authentication option will be managed through a new gateway user permission.

To enroll, simply login to the admin account and click Options, then User Accounts. After selecting the username to be activated, you will see a checkbox to Require Two-Factor Authentication. 

After selecting the box, a security passphrase will be generated or you have the option to create a new Hex It is strongly recommended that you use the randomly generated key upon activation. Once the permission has been activated you will then need the passphrase to be input into an external application.

After Two-Factor Authentication has been set up and synced in both systems, you will have to generate a key upon logging in. Each key generated on your device will remain active for 90 seconds whether or not they were used to grant access