Mobile Processing Solution

Mobile Service Professionals

SGP Payment Gateway provides innovative mobile payment processing solutions that provides you the flexibility and convenience to accept credit card payments anywhere in the world with a data connection.

Features include

Mobile Only™ accounts feature a monthly per device fee with no gateway monthly fees. With a Mobile Only™ account merchant will be able to ONLY process credit cards from their mobile devices.

iProcess™ is the application that Mobile Only™ pairs with and works through an extensive coverage area such as WIFI,
3G/4G or EDGE.

Can be downloaded from the Apple™ App Store & Google™ Play Store.

Application compatible with Apple™ & Android™ devices.

Our swipe solution is hardware encrypted.

Process keyed or swipe transactions with retail rates.

Add multiple MIDs inside iProcess™.

Geotag the location on receipt.

Capture digital signatures and add tip amount charged if needed.

Receipts can be emailed, SMS, or print.

Perform full or partial refunds via Transaction History Log.

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