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Gift & Loyalty Cards are a tried-and-true method of increasing sales. People’s lives are filled with events marked by gift-giving. Birthdays, holidays, graduations, anniversaries and weddings are just a few examples. Such occasions can be opportunities for merchants to advertise their businesses and gain new customers. SecureGlobalPay has solutions in place to help you with all of your e-Processing needs, including Gift Card processing online. Start accepting payments today through our state of the art e-Processing network via credit cards, debit cards, eChecks, Crypto payments and Gift & Loyalty Cards. 

Gift & Loyalty Cards are an increasingly common gift. According to, 93% of consumers purchase or receive a gift card each year. Gift & Loyalty Cards are an increasing part of everyday life and the retail landscape. Gift & Loyalty Card acceptance and the ability to adjust business operations to take advantage of gift cards are key to your success.

Gift Card Processing Online requires an additional layer of administration to manage. Implementing a gift card processing program means providing gift accounts, tracking numbers, physical cards, etc. It also means developing a real-time, online tracking system and training personnel to use it. SecureGlobalPay is here to help.

The SecureGlobalPay Gift & Loyalty card processing network enables merchants to accept and manage gift cards and loyalty programs through our Gift Card Manager. Gift Card Manager offers a real-time data solution enabling merchants to track gift cards purchased and used as well as related ‘loyalty transactions.’ With the SecureGlobalPay solution, gift and loyalty cards can be accepted anywhere merchants do business. It’s as easy as taking any major credit card and you don't even need a piece of hardware to do so. Gift Card Processing Online, via a virtual terminal and easy to integrate API through our state of the art e-Processing network is how we do it!

The SecureGlobalPay loyalty program offers flexible methods for merchants to reward their customers’ buying habits. You can reward loyalty transactions anywhere merchants do business. The SecureGlobalPay loyalty program includes an Electronic Points Bank, a Frequency Reward Program, and a Dollar Reward tracker.

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Increased Sales

It is a demonstrated fact that gift & loyalty cards increase cash flow. Based on a 2015 study from First Data, gift card customers returned to the gift card establishment an average of three times in 2015 to redeem the value of their gift cards. Custom cards ensure repeat business. More than 72% of returning gift card customers will spend more than their gift card’s value.

Brand Promotion

Gift Cards & Loyalty Cards can help merchants advertise their business and promote their brand. Customizing a gift card enables you to reach a wider audience and gain new customers. Brand your merchant gift card with your company logo or choose from a wide range of predesigned cards.

Flexible Funding

Given the international nature of internet business, the ability to conduct transactions across multiple denominations is essential. Merchants can offer gift cards that allow the card purchaser to set the denomination. Cards can also be set for a single predetermined value or customized to be reloaded through the e-Processing network Gift & Loyalty Merchant Support Center. Reloadable cards allow merchants to foster repeat business.

Almost three-quarters of those who use gift cards will take the opportunity presented by redeeming their card’s value to make additional purchases. The ability to quickly and conveniently reload a customer's card at the point-of-sale will encourage repeat business.

Robust Reporting & Analysis

The task of processing credit card debit card and cash transactions is time-consuming. By using the Gift Card Manager through the ePN Merchant Support Center, merchants can use the online reporting tools to help reduce the amount of time spent on manual administrative tasks.


Merchants can apply stored value cards to purchases processed through the e-Processing online terminal via our API. Please give us a call and one of our seasoned reprs will help show you the benefits of everything that has to do with accepting Gift & Loyalty payments via our e-Processing network. 

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