Gift Card Processing - eProcessing-Network


Accept & Manage Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs

eProcessing Network enables merchants to accept and manage gift cards and loyalty programs through Gift Card Manager, a real-time management solution of gift card and loyalty transactions. With the ePN solution, accepting gift & loyalty cards is as easy as taking any major credit card.

The ePN loyalty program offers flexible methods for merchants to reward their customers buying habits, including an Electronic Points Bank, a Frequency Reward Program, and a Dollar Reward.


Increased Sales

Since customers who redeem gift cards typically spend more than the value of the cards, gift cards can increase the merchants cash flow, and help promote repeat business.

Brand Promotion

With the ability to customize the look of the card with their own brand and logo, or choose a design from a wide-range of predesigned cards, merchants can use gift cards to better advertise their business.

Flexible Funding

Merchants can offer cards with a pre-set value or allow the card purchaser to set the denomination. Gift cards can also be reloaded through the ePN Merchant Support Center, allowing the merchants to foster repeat business.

Robust Reporting & Analysis

By using the Gift Card Manager through the ePN Merchant Support Center, merchants can use the online reporting tools to help reduce the amount of time spent on manual administrative tasks.


Merchants can apply gift & loyalty cards to purchase processed through the ePN Online Terminal, ePNCart and ePNJPOS.