Capital Advance

Does Your Small Business Need Cash?

You have taken the step from visionary to
entrepreneur. You have written your business plan, printed business cards, spoken with friends and perhaps even announced your grand opening and could use a cash advance with fast funding and a quick approval. SecureGlobalPay offers Business Capital for Merchants on their future credit card sales.

Now you are ready to hit the ground running, start accepting payments via credit and debit cards. Maybe you could use some seed money or initial financing assistance to help you get started?

Look no further as SecureGlobalPay has your small business financing and cash advance needs covered as well.

Challenges Start-Ups Face

Like any business owner, you face the challenge of changing an idea into a reality. Starting a business is an act of faith and you have invested everything you have in search of success. Let SecureGlobalPay's fast funding assist you with a cash advance and some Small Business Capital on your future credit card sales. We are ready to help take your business out into the open and onto the next level.

As you take the initial steps into the marketplace, managing your brand image, advertising, sales and marketing, you will face challenges. Bills will start coming due almost immediately. And maintaining sufficient cash flow to sustain operations is an ever-present challenge.

Cash Money

Partnering with Financial Institutions

Nobody succeeds alone. As a business owner, you will need help. To this end, you will develop
partnerships with other businesses and financial institutions. Good relations with a reliable source of financing is key to achieving and maintaining success.

Most entrepreneurs seek to meet short-term financial needs such as operating costs with loans. These businesses approach banks for small business loans with the intention of getting cash. Banks often work hard to make their rates and terms seem attractive. 

But the fact is that he fast funding of loans or credit obtained from a national financial institution don’t come easy, especially if you are just getting started. They can also have rates and terms that become burdensome over time.

Operating Costs

You’ve opened your business. Congratulations! Now the challenge is keeping it open.

If only things were simple and predictable. Unfortunately, they’re not. In addition to fixed costs like payroll, rent and equipment rental, you will have bills to pay and unexpected costs to cover.

But what if your sales aren’t there yet? What if you’re still building a customer base? 

You see the potential in your business. You know you’re going to make money. If you are very confident, you are willing to leverage future sales against the terms of any loan you might seek.

Establishing Credit

Over time, businesses (like individuals) develop a
credit record. Your business’ handling of partnerships and loans is the reputation upon which that record is based.

Businesses must step carefully where these partnerships are concerned. Bookkeeping errors or late payments can affect loan terms and credit scores.

Challenges of Obtaining Loans

Banks and traditional financial institutions are in the business of providing loans and cash for operating expenses to businesses. But their terms can be difficult for start-up businesses to meet. You’ve only just opened your doors.

Banks tend to prioritize established businesses with strong cash flows where giving out loans is a concern. Your business may not yet be in a position to stand out among the others. This is where SecureGlobalPay can help you obtain cash for your small business. 

Get Cash in 72 Hours!

SecureGlobalPay also began with a vision and we understand the difficulties new and existing businesses face. We are prepared to provide fast funding for Business Capital via loans for your business in the form of a cash advance on your future credit card sales. Based on personal experience, we can provide Business Capital for Merchants with a program uniquely tailored to the dynamic environment of the internet economy.

  • Approval. SecureGlobalPay enables you to bypass the time-consuming and frustrating process of applying for a bank loan. We look for reasons to say yes instead of no. Our Small Business Capital for Merchants Programs receive approval 95% of the time.


  • Requirements. At SecureGlobalPay we specialize in start-ups. SecureGlobalPay often requires no financials or tax returns and can offer loans without collateral other than your credit card deposits. Loan approval involves no personal liability. 
  • Timing. The process of obtaining a bank loan is time-consuming. But time (and bills) waits for no one. We understand the pressure you are under and so pledge to move your application through in 24 hours.
  • Scope. SecureGlobalPay offers fast funding on small business capital for merchants with loans of up to $500,000 (USD) on their future credit card sales.