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The Pros and Cons of Accepting Credit Cards

Business to Business Corporate Cards and Purchasing

If your small business does not yet accept debit or credit cards, you could be losing out on a great deal of revenue. Expanding the ability for your customers to purchase products can provide many tangible benefits. Yet, many small businesses are afraid to step into the credit/debit card processing arena. Many feel intimidated and…

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Merchant Accounts for the Health Care Industry

The healthcare industry is extremely diverse and covers many different specialties under its umbrella. SecureGlobalPay has a great deal of experience in establishing merchant accounts that work best for those in the healthcare industry. We can also help you find a solution that will provide seamless integration with your current systems. We have worked with…

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How Does the New EMV Credit Card Chip Work?

Contactless Payment Reader

EMV (Europay, MasterCard® and Visa®) chip technology is fast becoming the worldwide standard for credit card and debit card payments. Milllions of consumers have been issued new cards that look quite similar to the old cards. However, these new smart cards come with a small, metallic square in the corner of the card. The square…

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