First, Get To Know These Powerful Programs!

By focusing your efforts on delivering one of these simple yet powerful programs, you'll finally be able to grow your merchant portfolio without sacrificing profit margins.


Site Fee Program

For the Government & Insurance sectors.

To account for the unique requirements of the government and insurance sectors, we created our Site Fee Program. This highly effective solution enables them to offset most, if not all, of their transaction fees, while delivering a secure online and mobile payment option to their customers, and allows you to share in the benefits.

In this program, we also add a security and delivery fee to the payment. However, we have the ability to separate the payment proceeds from the fee to accommodate the legal requirements in these sectors. This makes accepting ePayments possible for these merchants, and demonstrates the flexibility you can now deliver to your merchants.

What is Xpress-pay?

A simple, professional way for businesses and consumers to connect and transact anywhere. How does that help you?

Businesses - Enjoy the freedom to control the payment experience, reduce or even eliminate your transaction fees, promote your brand, and so much more!

Consumers - Set up your secure digital wallet today to access it and pay using any credit/debit card or checking/savings account. There's no app to download, and we never share your sensitive data!

Industry Partners - Xpress-pay is your key to deepening merchant relationships in existing markets, and breaking into emerging ones. Contact us today to begin delivering this proven solution.


Why Choose Xpress-pay?

Whether on an Apple, Android, or Windows device, you now have the power to Xpress-pay it! any time, anywhere.


Online Bill Pay+

Need to pay a bill, or purchase something online? No worries. When businesses participate in Xpress-pay, you'll experience a faster, easier, and more secure payment process. Whether you're sitting on the couch, flying at 30,000 feet, or are lounging on the beach, your account is ready and waiting.


In-app Purchases

Along with online transactions, Xpress-pay also simplifies how you can pay for things with in-app transactions. Whether you own your own app, or have a favorite you love working with, tell them you'd rather Xpress-pay it when it's time to do business.


In-store Payments

Along with online and in-app transactions, Xpress-pay also simplifies how you pay for things at the physical store. Look for the Xpress-pay logo, and scan a QR code to simply login, pay, and go. It's that fast and easy. Don't see the logo? Tell them you want a better payment experience. Tell them you want to Xpress-pay it!

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Whether on an Apple, Android, or Windows device, you now have the power to Xpress-pay it! any time, anywhere.

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