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Obtaining a Software and E-Book Merchant Account

Scheduling a ride, downloading the new best seller to read while sitting on a train, ordering takeout while walking home, or turning a print into a high-quality digital image has never been easier. Technological advancements and app development has made these possible at a touch of a tablet or a smartphone. The genesis of smart…

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Getting a Credit Repair Merchant Account

The credit repair industry is a $4 billion industry with more than 90,000 credit repair businesses, according to a January 2017 report by market research company, IBISWorld. In 2016, many of these were small partnerships or non-employers. In fact, the report showed that the three-largest firms in this industry were expected to each make less…

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Begin Processing Payments with a High-Risk Tech Support Merchant Account

General Support

Whether your tech support is software, application, product related, installation, connectivity, or troubleshooting we can get your payment processing setup for your high risk outsourcing business. SecureGlobalPay is the service provider for you. The Tech Support Industry Though the technical industry may be one of the fastest growing industries, banks aren’t eager to approve merchant…

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Collection Agency Merchant Account

Non-Profit & Religious

For most Americans, loans, credit cards, lines of credit are the way most families pay for their lifestyles. In fact, overall household debt for an average family spiked by 11% during the last 10 years, according to the 2016 American Household Credit Card Debt Study by Nerd Wallet. The average household with credit card debt has balances…

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Online Tobacco Merchant Account

SecureGlobal Restaurant Processing

More than 12 billion cigars were sold and approximately 258 billion cigarettes were sold in the United States in 2015, according to statistics gathered by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That same year, 129.36 million pounds of smokeless tobacco was sold by manufacturers to wholesalers and retailers in the United States. This…

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How to Get a Water Purifier Merchant Account

SecureGlobal Purchasing Cards

A rise in reports of water-borne diseases, industrial development that has caused water pollution, and increased concerns about health have boosted the water purification industry. Purifiers are needed to remove toxins, chemicals, bacteria, fungi, biological contaminants, and other impurities from water supplies. By 2022, the water purifier market is projected to generate $45.3 billion, according…

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The In’s and Outs of High Risk Merchant Accounts


A high risk merchant account is a specialized merchant account that a business owner must apply for if their business industry is considered “high risk”. What Factors Make a Small Business High Risk? Many of our SecureGlobalPay small business owners are surprised to learn that their small business is considered “high risk.” What can be…

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