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How to Get a Water Purifier Merchant Account

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A rise in reports of water-borne diseases, industrial development that has caused water pollution, and increased concerns about health have boosted the water purification industry. Purifiers are needed to remove toxins, chemicals, bacteria, fungi, biological contaminants, and other impurities from water supplies. By 2022, the water purifier market is projected to generate $45.3 billion, according…

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The In’s and Outs of High Risk Merchant Accounts


A high risk merchant account is a specialized merchant account that a business owner must apply for if their business industry is considered “high risk”. What Factors Make a Small Business High Risk? Many of our SecureGlobalPay small business owners are surprised to learn that their small business is considered “high risk.” What can be…

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Obtaining an Educational Seminar Merchant Account

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Speedy technological changes and advancements and overall shorter product life cycles have altered the skills that employees and managers need. To stay in front of these changes, workers need to sharpen their skills and gain new ones by attending educational seminars, like business coaching and management training sessions and workshops. As more businesses have accepted…

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Obtaining a Software and E-Book Merchant Account

Scheduling a ride, downloading the new best seller to read while sitting on a train, ordering takeout while walking home, or turning a print into a high-quality digital image has never been easier. Technological advancements and app development has made these possible at a touch of a tablet or a smartphone. The genesis of smart…

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Adult Merchant Accounts

Frequently asked questions about adult merchant accounts: How to get an adult merchant account? Why not use an online payment system instead of credit cards? Are all types of adult businesses accepted? What are the application requirements? What to expect during an adult merchant application review? What happens after approval? Ways to get a credit…

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Travel & Timeshare Merchant Account

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The travel and tourism industry is One of the world’s largest industries with a global economic contribution is the travel and tourism industry. This sector generated $7.6 billion in 2016, according to Statista. Additionally, the direct economic impact of the travel and tourism industry, which includes accommodations, transportation, attractions, and entertainment, was $2.3 trillion that same…

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Online Firearms Sales Merchant Account

On average, more than 3.4 million rifles, shotguns, revolvers, and pistols are produced each year, according to a May 2017 report by the Statistic Brain Research Institute. The gun and ammunition manufacturing industry brings in annual revenues of $11 billion and 32% of U.S. households own guns. Though there is no doubt that online firearm sales…

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How to Get a High-Volume Merchant Account

High sales are a blessing. More transactions mean more profits for business. If that business, is a merchant that has a high sales volume and relies heavily on customers paying by credit cards, it should hold off on the celebrations. High-volume merchants run into many of the same challenges that high-ticket merchants face. They deal…

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Getting a High-Ticket Merchant Account

No matter what people are buying, they are often looking for best deal, making selling expensive or luxury items and services a competitive business. Selling these products and services online is even more difficult. When a business is selling items that start in the hundreds of dollars and can top out in the thousands, any…

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