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Getting a Fantasy Football Betting Merchant Account

As preseason football games begin airing, diehard fans and other sports enthusiasts study current and past season games, research stats, what out for trades and injuries and doing whatever else they can to start preparing for draft day. Not the nationally-televised draft, the one planned with friends and family. In the United States, grown men…

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How to Get a TMF High Risk Merchant Account

Merchants of all sizes and types fear “The List.” That is the MATCH list, which also is referred to as a terminated merchant file (TMF). Whether it’s due to a failed business model, fraud, merchant collusion, or excessive chargebacks, ending up on the list can feel like business suicide. Credit card companies use the MATCH…

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Tips to Make Your Small Business Grow


Are your small business marketing techniques feeling a little stale? Have you been struggling to come up with new ideas to promote your business? Below is a comprehensive list of 20 marketing techniques that you can use to help recharge your marketing efforts. Take Care of Your Clients We have all heard that it is…

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All About High Risk Merchant Accounts

Having your merchant account application denied is a frustrating experience. With so many customers choosing to pay with a debit or credit card, not having a merchant account can mean big financial losses for your company. SecureGlobalPay is full service provider, offering Merchant Accounts and services for any and all types of businesses. We offer…

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Online Tools to Help Your Small Business Grow

Google has dominated as a search engines for the past several years making it one of the most popular search engines around the world. As Google continues to grow, they are also determined to continue to innovate. They consistently build products that can be used to help your small business grow. This belief in innovation…

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How to Make Money as a Non-Profit

Mobile Service Professionals

As a non-profit entity, you may find it easy to love what you do, but hard when it comes to finding the funds to do it. While the job of a non-profit can help fulfill the needs of many, quite often it does seem that lack of funds can quickly derail goals. Below we examine…

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Can Social Media Help My Business?


Social media is a great tool for small businesses to utilize when reaching out to current customers, as well as potential customers. As social media users become more savvy online, small business owners have the opportunity to use social media as a tool to sell more products and services. Below we list several tips and…

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