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With our high paying residual income structure our top representatives earn a six figure income.


SecureGlobalPay provides you access to flexible and reliable products for merchants to accept nearly all types of electronic payments.

Job Search Tips

Job Search Tip December 19 2016: A Job Search Requires Determination
If you find yourself suddenly sitting at home on a work day wondering what happened yesterday when your boss unceremoniously told you that the company layoffs finally caught up with you, take a deep breath.

That doesn't mean relax. Too many people make the mistake of thinking "I'll just relax , maybe go away and use a little of that severance pay on me. I deserve it. Huge mistake. For the first few days that you are home, life will seem strange. There will be sights and sounds that you are not accustomed to and you don't need to get comfortable in that setting. You don't belong in your chair watching television while you hear the sounds of dogs barking, a refrigerator running, and garbage trucks making pickups. In a couple of weeks you won't feel out of place anymore and with that comfort comes complacency.

The very next day after job separation you need to be updating your resume and beginning your online job search. No golf, no tennis, no shopping, no drowning your sorrows. You can relax AFTER you have found your next job. There is a comfortable, relaxing sweet spot after you have told a new employer that you can start in two weeks.

Competitive and Honest Pricing

It’s no secret that pricing in the payments industry can be confusing. It’s often characterized by hidden fees as well as “bait and switch” tactics designed to lure merchants into long-term contracts with unfair terms. SecureGlobalPay is changing the industry!

  • We show you the true costs involved in payment processing.
  • We show you what we charge to cover our overhead and profit margins.
  • Our margins are fixed. When the associations adjust their rates, we will not adjust our margins. This is our promise to you.

Thanks to our Cost Plus pricing program, you can say good-bye to hidden fees! Our pricing is completely trans-parent, plus we’ll work with you to analyze your processing costs to help make sure that you’re getting the lowest possible rates. Whether you are a new merchant or have been accepting credit cards for years, a consultation with SecureGlobalPay may be an eye-opening experience.


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