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All About High Risk Merchant Accounts

Having your merchant account application denied is a frustrating experience. With so many customers choosing to pay with a debit or credit card, not having a merchant account can mean big financial losses for your company.

SecureGlobalPay is full service provider, offering Merchant Accounts and services for any and all types of businesses. We offer a wide selection of Payment Gateways, POS Solutions, Business Funding, Check Processing solutions, and a full support platform that ensures you’re never out of reach from getting the help you require, right when you need it.

We have worked with high risk businesses all over the world to help them get set up with a merchant account. You may be surprised to learn that many popular industries are considered high risk. Even things you use daily, like transportation, or your favorite dietary supplement, fit into this category.We offer solutions for a variety of industries. If you need a high risk merchant account, we highly recommend that you take some time to prepare for all the documentation required to set up a merchant account.

Keep in mind that it is not just the merchant account provider looking for this information. The processing bank also requires a great deal of information to approve your merchant account. They will ask for paperwork in regards to the legal name of your business or corporation. They will need any type of contact detail available including your name, email, address and telephone number. They may also ask for a driver’s license, a passport, and/or a business license. The bank will also request that you hand over monthly processing statements or bank statements to analyze your risk potential.

If you are running an e-Commerce business or have any type of online presence, the bank will be going through your online portfolio. They will require a list of domains owned by your business as well as any information that can be found on your website about your product. They may even request that your website has a terms and conditions statement as well as a privacy policy statement before approving your request for a merchant account.

Below is a list of industries that may be considered High Risk (LEGEND: R = Restricted / P = Prohibited / PE = Prohibited but exceptions can be proposed)

Asset Location Services P
Auctions: Online P
Adult Content R
Adult Novelties R
Adult: Entertainment (misc.) R
Adult: Toys R
Adult: Videos R
Adult: Websites R
Auto Transport R
Alarm Services R
Airlines Other R
Airlines: Charter R
Ammunition Online (Federally compliant) R
Prohibited | Restricted Merchants 2
Attorneys R
Adult: Entertainment (misc.) P

Bankruptcy Attorneys P
Business/Investment Opportunities: Make Money P
Business/Investment Opportunities: Government Grants P
Bail Bonds: Agents, Companies or Bounty Hunters R
Beauty Products: Sold Online or by Mail (i.e. cream, lotions, etc.) R
Background Checks R
Booking Engines (Travelocity like)

Call Centers: International P
Cash Advances (By non-financial institutions) P
Chain Letters P
Charities without 501 (c)(3) or equivalent status P
Check Cashers: Retail, Brick and Mortar P
Check Cashing: Online P
Consulting / Advice; Financial, investing, debt P
Credit Repair P
Currency Exchange or Dealer P
Prohibited | Restricted Merchants 3
Charter Airlines R
Call Centers: Domestic (B2B) R
Collectables R
Coins R
Collection Agencies (Limited acceptance rules apply) R
Continuity Billing: Auto-Ship (Lotions, creams and Health and Beauty only) R
Club Memberships R
Compound Pharmacy R
Cruise Lines R
Continuity Billing: Free Trial (Lotions, creams and Health and Beauty only) R

Dating Services: Sexually-oriented P
Debt Consolidation P
Debt or Loan: Relief, Modification or Consolidation P
Decryption and Descrambler P
Discount Coupon Books P
Discount Membership P
Document Preparation Services P
Drug Paraphernalia P
Dating: Online (Not sexually oriented) R
Debt Buyers R
Digital Subscriptions (News and information) R
Direct Response/Inbound Telesales (No free gifts/prizes, postcard or mailing) R
Direct Sales / MLM R
Downloadable Software R

Embassy, Foreign Consulate, or Essay mills/paper mills P
Employment Screening Companies P
Escort Services or Companion P
eWallets or Merchant Aggregation P
Education (classroom or online) R
Electronics R
Electronic Cigarettes and Vaporizers R

File Sharing Services R
Firearms Dealer/Stores Guns: Online R
Furniture: Retail R
Foreign Ownership R
Furniture: Online R

Prohibited | Restricted Merchants 5
Gambling / Wagering P
Get-Rich-Quick: Seminars P
Gaming: Online (Play for entertainment. No cash prizes or contest) R
Gift Card Sales R
Gentleman’s Clubs (Food/beverage and cover charge) R

Home Biz Opp P
Hemp Based Products P

Identity Restoration P
Identity Theft Services (No insurance element) R
Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia P
Insurance Brokers and Providers R
Infomercials R
In Store Financing R

Judgement Recovery Companies P
Jewelry Online R
Prohibited | Restricted Merchants 6

Loan Document Preparation: Education P
Loan Fees P
Lotteries P
Liquid Incense (Non ingestible) R

Marijuana: Paraphernalia P
Marijuana P
Massage Parlors (sexually-oriented) P
Medical Travel/Non-US Medical Procedures P
Merchant Aggregation P
Money Orders (Issuer/seller/redeemer) P
Money Remittance P
Money Transmitters P
Mortgage Reduction/consulting services P
Male Enhancement Supplements P
Mail Order and Catalog R
Matched Merchants (Reasonable explanation and remediation required) R
Moving and Storage R
Magazines R
Marijuana Industry Supplies and Services R
Prohibited | Restricted Merchants 7
Multi-Level Marketing / Direct Marketing R

Nutraceuticals: Food Products or other Digestible (Straight sale) R
Nutraceuticals: Increased energy R
Nutraceuticals: Anti-aging R
Nutraceuticals: Food products R
Nutraceuticals: Sexual Stimulants R
Nutraceuticals: Skin Treatments and Health and Beauty Trial/Continuity R

Organic Substances Imitating Illegal Drugs P

Payment Facilitator (PF) R
Payment Service Provider (PSP) R
Payday Lending/Lending: Online P
Payday Lending/Lending: Retail P
Penny Action P
Pharmacy: Online R
Pre-Paid, Credit Card Fee P
Prohibited | Restricted Merchants 8
Prostitution P
Pawn Shops R
Pre-Paid Phone Cards R
Public Database Searches / Find People (Non continuity) R

Quasi-cash P

Security Brokers P
Skip Tracing P
Social Media “click farms” P
Sports Forecasting or Odds Making P
Supplements: HGH, HGC P
Supplements: Hormone P
Supplements: Kava Kava, Kratom P
Supplements: Steroids or Imitation Steroids P
SEO (Well established) R
Seminars (Self Improvement, Conduct a Business or Flipping Houses) R
Shipping/Forwarding Brokers R
Software as a Service R
SEO / Web Advertising R
Shippers / Forwarders R
Supplements: Hemp P
Start Up Businesses R

Tax Remediation P
Technical Support P
Telemedicine (Consult with a Physician) P
Telesales: Outbound P
Timeshare: Liquidation P
Timeshare: Sales P
Title Loans P
Tobacco Products: Internet/MOTO P
Travel: Memberships PE
Tickets / Events R
Timeshare: Fees R
Travel: Tour Operators R
Travel: Agents R
Travel: Vacation Packages R
Tribal: Retail and Casino (Non-Gaming services) R
Prohibited | Restricted Merchants 10

Virtual Currency (Including Bitcoin) P
Vaporizers R
VOIP systems R

Warrantee: Auto PE
Warrantee: Device PE
Warrantee: Home PE
Wire Transfer P
Wine Clubs R
Water Softener / Purification Systems (Straight sale) R
Web Design (Well established, not home based) R
Web Host R