Pre-Paid Cards

Offer Your Customers Prepaid Cards

Traditional cash-paying customers will enjoy the convenience, and a prepaid card transaction processes as quickly as a credit card. With prepaid cards, you can increase customer loyalty because the total value of the prepaid card is guaranteed to be used at a participating store location. And you have the opportunity to strengthen your brand, because every prepaid card with your logo is a walking advertisement for your business.

Here Are Some of the Benefits:

Increased profitability - Because the total value of a pre-paid card is guaranteed to be used at a participating store location, you are encouraging customers to make return visits to your business.

Strengthened customer loyalty - Every time a customer buys a pre-paid card and uses it regularly, you're building that customer relationship. They are more likely to return to your store again and again, knowing that they already have "money" to spend.

Speed and efficiency - At the point of sale, pre-paid card transactions are faster than accepting a personal check and at fuel stations, pre-paid cards can be used for pay-at-pump purchases.

Set-up is simple - In many POS environments you can process pre-paid cards using the same hardware you currently use to process your credit card transactions).