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SecureGlobal eCmmerce

SecureGlobalPay Enables Partners

To offer our various merchant services as well as our robust payment gateway. Take your business to the next level and partner with SecureGlobalPay today!

SecureGlobalPay Can Assist You in Establishing a Merchant Account and Payment Gateway

SecureGlobalPay provides a one-stop shop for all types of transaction processing including traditional, mobile and Internet payment solutions.

Businesses such as retailers, restaurants, home based businesses, professional services (e.g., doctors and lawyers), mail order/telephone order, mobile merchants (e.g., cab drivers) that want to accept credit cards, ATM/debit cards and checks for their customers’ purchases choose SecureGlobalPay.

An e commerce referral partner with SecureGlobalPay enjoys a relationship with one of the nation’s leading transaction processors.

An e commerce referral partner with SecureGlobalPay enjoys the ability to provide customers with a one-stop shop by offering bundled solutions that include a Secure Payment Gateway as well as SecureGlobalPay's merchant accounts and services.