SecureGlobalPay offers great merchant account processing rates for Baltimore, Maryland small businesses.

What Do I Need to Accept Credit Cards for my business?

SecureGlobalPay can provide many different merchant account solutions as we are a merchant service providers for small businesses located in Baltimore, Maryland. We understand that there are a great deal of merchant service providers to choose from, combined with a great deal of solutions for processing a credit card transaction. To find the best merchant service provider for your Baltimore small business we recommend you identify your small business retail needs. There are many choices and rates available when it comes to processing credit cards with a merchant account.

Baltimore Merchant Provider Services

Merchant services cover a wide range of solutions to help you process credit carts effectively. SecureGlobalPay has solutions for large corporations and small businesses. We can help process credit card transaction and quickly collect the funds you need to run your business. For our retail customers, we can provide credit card terminals, mobile processing terminals, and mail/phone processing solutions. For our eCommerce customers, we can provide payment gateways solutions, point of sale solutions and merchant account services.

Baltimore Merchant Account Services

A Merchant Account is simply the term used to describe all the processes that interface with the credit card processing system. Your merchant account does all the work of passing information through the right portals to find out if a card is accepted or declined. A merchant account is also responsible for moving funds from your Baltimore business to your bank. A merchant account is also responsible for depositing funds generated via credit card sales into your preferred bank account.

Who can provide merchant service solutions for businesses in Baltimore Maryland?

SecureGlobalPay is a long established, full service Merchant Account Provider. We service restaurants, retailers, chain stores, franchises, hospitality and lodging establishments, direct marketers as well as Internet and mail order/telephone order businesses. We provide nationwide credit & debit card processing, clearing and settlement, gift/loyalty/stored value card programs, terminal management solutions and electronic check processing.

If you are already processing credit cards and have a merchant account, we are happy to compare rates and make sure that you getting the best prices possible. We will analyze your all the monthly fees and charge for any hidden fees as well as any downgrade fees. We want to provide the best solution possible for your Baltimore business.

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