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Things to do in Baltimore, Maryland

There are over 600,000 people who proudly call the City of Baltimore home. There are millions more who visit this historic and beautiful city every year. Baltimore is a vibrant city full of fun and exciting things to do and see. Below we list some of our favorite places that we recommend you don’t miss when visiting the great state of…

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Our Favorite Restaurants in Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland is a beautiful city that offers many unique and exciting entertainment options for visitors and residents.  Baltimore is situated on the East coast which helps provide a unique experience for food connoisseurs. Below we list a few of the many great restaurants that can be found in Baltimore, Maryland. Rusty Scupper Baltimore, Maryland is…

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The Best Places to Donate This Christmas Season

Christmas is just around the corner. For many, this season of giving is a reminder to be more generous to those who are less fortunate. However, over the years, the many different organizations that accept donations for Christmas has grown significantly. With so many different opportunities to donate, it can be difficult to decide which…

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The Best Small Business Advice for Beginners

Becoming a small business owner can be a very rewarding experience. The challenges of your new adventure can be very exciting.  Before you take the steps to start your small business, we offer some tips for beginners based on our experience building SecureGlobalPay. Before Getting Started Before you jump into the world of self-employment, we…

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The Best Small Business Marketing Ideas for the Christmas Holidays

With the Christmas season just around the corner, many small businesses are gearing up to start promoting products and services to Christmas shoppers. If you are not already making plans to promote your product during the Christmas season rush, this is a great time to start putting together your Christmas season marketing strategy. Below we…

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How Do Gift Cards Work?

Business to Business Corporate Cards and Purchasing

We often get inquiries from many small businesses who are considering the use of gift cards to help increase business sales. We often get asked if it is worth the hassle and the cost for a small business to offer gift cards options to their customers. How does a gift card program for your small…

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All About Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs provide immense benefits to your customers as well as your small business.  With a loyalty program, you can offer store discounts, coupons and other rewards that encourage your favorite customers to keep coming back. If you are concerned that a loyalty program will only work for large businesses, we urge you to…

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All About Accepting Gift and Loyalty Cards

SecureGlobal Purchasing Cards

It’s that time of year again, the Holiday Season. The season of Giving! In the spirit of Giving, we’d like to take the time to discuss Gift Cards & Loyalty Cards. Gift Cards and Loyalty cards are a great way to show your existing customers that you appreciate them. That is why SecureGlobalPay makes it…

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